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What’s up Hollywood? Why No Black Women Interracial Movies?

Posted by bwmm on January 19, 2010

We should also have more films such as Something New. There are so many stories that could be told from the past, the present and even the future. All of these black women white men/non-bm romance novels and we don’t have more IR movies even if they are straight to video? Everyone look at these photos from Jet Magazine on Black Women IR in the freaking 50’s.
You can read her article at I’ve been wanting to write a story about an IR (that isn’t tragic) between a black woman and a white man and doing the research on such unions is hard. It’s hard to believe that in a country where people barely listen to their own laws that there wouldn’t have been those that defied. Richard vs. Loving anyone.

Okay so I know that something New made back $11 mill or so, but there could at least be straight to dvd features. Hollywood does it all the time. When a movie doesn’t do as well at the boxoffice (and I guess does do okay on vid)then they will make a movie that is about the same production budget as what was made on the first movie. Check out Dungeons & Dragons and then Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God, Mimic and countless other movies. So why hasn’t this been done with black women IR films. And I’m not talking about movies that are straight to video that you feel it’s straight to video movie. Now yes some of these movies are made to be cheapies. Movies such as Soul of the Game, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (yes made for tv by HBO)as well as other films by HBO made you feel like these movies should have been in the theater whether they were about white, black etc.

So why haven’t features been made? There are so many black women IR novels it’s ridiculous. New books are coming out everyday so what’s up? If it’s budget I am so for a movie that is the budget of a teen movie or movie with unknowns just as long as we get some decent movies.

In a later post I will post budgets of movies.


9 Responses to “What’s up Hollywood? Why No Black Women Interracial Movies?”

  1. filmstress said

    I am working on a script right now for a low budget movie – think medicine for melancholy (scant crew, shot over the course of a few days) *but w/ an bw & wm lead & a tighter story*. Would you be interested in collaborating with me on the script? Where r u located?

  2. wcmartell said

    I am not a Black woman, I am a white man… can I stll post?Those direct to DVD sequels that have a real budget are made because there wasn't a large enough audience from the first film for a theatrical sequel, but a big enough audience for a DVD sequel.Usually these are made for much less than the original film, but still try to have all of the things that made the first movie successful. Mostly these films are in some genre – action, thriller, horror, comedy – because the producer only gets enough money to make the film, and their profit comes from overseas sales. So they make sequels to films in genres that sell well overseas.The non-sequel DVD movies are the same deal. Genre movies. But that doesn't mean you can't have a love story… just that it may be easier to make a thriller or some other genre that sells well overseas as the main plot with a romance as a subplot. How about a sequel to PERFECT STRANGER? Good luck and I hope to see your movie soon!- Bill

  3. Yeah I get what you are saying. That's something else I was thinking of as well that actually even goes into another post that is somewhat similar. But there are audiences for urban a.k.a. black films (I don't know how some of them would be considered urban when they aren't even in urban areas, but oh well), but yet not IR well except for a few. And yes many are action, comedy, but many are also dramas as well. Many also are cheap as hell (that's another post I'm working on.) I think we are going to have to do indie films like Rocky Road, Through the Glass, The Engagement etc. Probably Nollywood style which I have no prob with. I don't think the exact style would work for us, but I have a feeling that's where we'd have do go. But also there are movies (yes cheesy spider film. Yes I watched many of the the scifi wait no SYFY channel Ice Spiders. It doesn't have to be a love story as in Something New or Two Weeks Notice, Emma type of romance. I don't know how much the Latter Day Saints film budgets are typically. I just remember an article asking if maybe too much was spent on LDS movies. There are movies that you would never know are LDS movies. Until a few years ago I had no idea there even was a LDS film industry (which I think is cool) I would love to find out how much the LDS version of Pride and Prejudice cost to make.Do black urban films even make money overseas?Thanks for commenting oh and everyone check out William C. Martell's Site As for Perfect Stranger hell

  4. I live in Austin, Texas. You?

  5. Nevermind I just found out how much it cost for the LDS version of Pride and Prejudice. It was made for around $350,000 and grossed aroudn 372,752 What I would love to find out is how Fireproof (Christian film) I think made for around $500k made 33mill back. Now that is cool.

  6. filmstress said

    Great, I take it that you may be interested. I am in NYC. I have never fully completed a screenplay before (I usually write great first acts, and fizzle out in the middle or end. I think collaborating with someone will greatly help as our combined ideas can more than likely propel the work further along, faster.

  7. Now that would be cool to make something like the LSD's Pride and Prejudice. Now it wasn't perfect and frankly they should have chosen another Mr. Darcy, but it was pretty good. I liked it a lot. Why can't we make something like this. I love Jane Austen. Have to say though that I would have prefered that Bride and Prejudice just have been an adaptation for Bollywood and not a Hollywood/Bollywood type of film or even Kollywood. Get Shahrukh to be Mr. Darcy and get Kajol to be Lizzy maybe Saif Khan (oh I can't think of the guys name right now sad huh) would be a cool movie.

  8. Oh sorry meant to say they should have chosen another guy for Jack. I love Darcy in this version.

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