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We Don’t Need the Media to Other Us. We’re Doing That All by Ourselves!

Posted by bwmm on January 2, 2015

Okay, I feel a need to address a matter of considerable importance. There is this trend. Well I can’t say trend really, because it’s been going on for years. Whether they are Indian, Chinese or any group with lack of representation. They have the ordeal of not being represented in the film/TV industry of their own culture what I’ve observed is othering when filmmakers make their own films to be represented. In India many films whether Bollywood, Kollywood (there are a few Kollywood’s) etc. the leads and many of the cast are light-skinned however a big portion of the population is brown/dark skinned etc one thing therefore I’ve noticed (I guess because of my experience watching American Black movies as an American Black person wanting representation) is audiences saying they are sick of not being represented. So, then someone decides you know what I’m going to create that representation. I’m going to make movies that represent us. We should make our own media. Everyone’s ecstatic about finally getting the attention they deserve. Then the filmmakers go and make movies that represent brown/ dark-skinned Indians, but then guess what they do. They do something discordant of what is popular, what the audiences go to see. Mainly b-wood, k-wood musicals depending on the country that is. So, b-wood,k-wood makes musicals, while the filmmaker(s) who said we need to make our own movies/media to represent us go off and make something completely different. They go and make non-musicals, social issues. There is nothing wrong with this. The problem is the audience who were waiting for that see the same type of narratives with people looked like them in the b-wood/kwood movies they see. Also you can make movies about social issues and make them entertaining at the same time. The filmmakers seem to be estranged from the audience. They didn’t observe the fact, what the people want is the same as the films with light-skinned Indians as leads. Why are they not making the Dil to Pagal Hai, Kabi Khabi Kushi Gham’s, Bluffmaster’s (Bollywood) etc even I Have Found It’s (Kollywood) (my fave adaptation of Sense and Sensibility) with us who are darker skinned Indians? What are the filmmakers that are supposed to represent us trying to say that is different about us that we can’t have similar films that the light-skinned actors are in? While audiences would appreciate films to be unique, they would also appreciate the films imitable style of the filmmakers.

The above stated is a seemly parallel with state of American Black films. Hell we don’t need Hollywood. We are good at othering ourselves all on our own without any help from the media. While I don’t think there is anything wrong with talking about issues within our community (btw Can someone tell me what is a black genre? Black theme? I mean seriously! Come on now!) We’ll get movies like Rosewood which I love. Here’s why I love Rosewood. It brings a tragic horrible experience on film, but at the same time shows black people as people. We “gasp” actually have black people who are successful, double “gasp” have a hero, triple “gasp” he’s black (say what!) a love story quadruple “gasp” etc. It doesn’t show us as being downtrodden, but a people who were successful, because of their hard work paying off, and later a people who had to survive or be killed like many of their friends and family. That’s also what I loved about Hotel Rwanda. The dynamic between the family and the people he sheltered in the hotel. It brought up a social issue, social injustice, but at the same time entertained and pulled us in.

But American Black people, we tend to do stories that can be jacked up (and I understand we need to get issues out), but we don’t have a lot of diversity of our image to do that constantly. And further more. I know people are going to be pissed at me, but we let our baggage in this country stifle our writing (not talking about Rosewood)) I’ve read screenplays, talked to writers that try too damn hard to make a work black. Or we keep coming up with movies like Soul Food. I love Soul Food, but I don’t want to see that 30leven times, nor The Best Man, The Wood, Brothers etc. Sometimes I wonder if the baggage that we keep (wether it be this insistence on keeping the one-drop rule alive etc.) keeps us from knowing how to tell stories for Hollywood or outside of Hollywood (well let’s just say commercial films). Or better yet let me say universal stories, because we are so wrapped up in a story being black. Whatever that means. I remember talking to a writer a few years ago, and I told him I could see the Sundiata epic being set in England or any other continent, country etc. You know what he said? He said that doesn’t make sense, because it’s an African story, about a black African and he envisioned an African face. Um what does story have to do with faces? Narratives enthrall people to watch read, listen where ever they may reside.  He said I imagine him with west African features. That’s not my point. What does African features or facial features have to do with a story and  universal appeal?  My point is the story can be set anywhere. It’s a universal story. When I first told people of Ekon’s Adventure (an experiment I came up with a premise for a story to further understand the hero’s journey and trying to create a fantasy story) many people thought it was Hamlet set in an alternate Africa. Ha! I created this story using the hero’s Journey giving the characters names (if I was able to) that reflected their role. I came up with a premise. I was on a group of black sci-fi/fantasy writers, enthusiasts who said you should check out these epics. I read about Sundiata and was like wow, my story almost sounds like this, but with a different twist. Hell my story sounded similar to another screenplay someone wrote that was optioned to a big studio except it was set in a different galaxy.

Nigerians who run Nollywood, Gollywood etc., have the power to greenlight etc. and well have to make back their or someone else’s freaking money. They have to understand what audiences what. The fact is we don’t understand what audiences want, crave, need. Hell, it took a BET study to say that American blacks like to go watch the same movies that white audiences do.  BET Study: Black Moviegoers Don’t Watch Just Black Films which I mentioned in a previous post. I was like duh! Seriously! You needed a study to show that? They showed that comedy, romance (especially with women. Well Duh!). Let’s say if was Pillow Talk came out today a lot of black women would go see that movie, just as white women, Asian etc. Okay, so let’s say It happened One Night came out today; we’d have the same thing! You know why? Because we are freaking human! We like to see the same things as everyone else. We have the same, similar, and not so similar experiences, but at the end of the damn day we are human.

Okay, So lets say that movies from he 30’s 40, 50’s 60’s etc. were coming out such as It Happened One Night, Palm Beach Story, The More the Merrier, Sound of Music, The Lady Eve, Sunset  boulevard, The Thin Man, My Fair Lady or whatever movie. These aren’t remakes mind you, but let’s say the first time these movies come out is our era of the 21st century. And for movies that did come out in the 21st century 50 First Dates, Two Weeks Notice, Bridget Jones’ Diary, What a Girl Wants, XXX, The Bourne Identity etc. Do you think black people wouldn’t go see these movies? Many black people go to see these Hwood movies, so why the hell do black filmmakers not give us these types of movies. Why do we have to feel like we are walking into baby mama drama every time we go see a movie made by and for American Black audiences? Come on now people! Give us our Two Weeks Notice etc. Give us our Pride and Prejudice (remember  when I mentioned Sundiata?) As mentioned before there is a Latter Day Saints version of Pride and Prejudice. Now some things were taken out when shown to non-Mormons, because the humor not transferring (as not all humor does), but it goes to show that many stories are and can be universal and timeless.

Case in point about othering ourselves. I remember reading some article saying that black people respond to darker colors and that’s why magazines for black people have darker colors, ads etc. I was like WTH? I know magazines like BOP etc. caught my eye, because of the hot pink, aqua etc. caught my attention more than Right on!. While I read Right on! I mostly was attracted to magazines such as BOP and others, because of the layout, colors etc. So, what the hell is up with that mess?

Black people got to look at things like studies (not the crap above), but there’s a reason you have companies like Baseline that looks at what audiences go see. Please study that and stop going by silly shit! Look at what black audiences in the U. S. like to go see! Also experiment by making movies to see what audiences like. The very last video below talks about this very thing. Create a product and see how the audience responds. Find out why the audiences didn’t like these films. So use the studies, but go beyond them and look at the human element.

Again my point is that black people don’t need anyone to other us. The media, society, because we are doing that anyway. For those who don’t know what othering is, it’s doing something or accepting things that are totally polar opposite of what most people view as normal, are doing etc. Now, don’t get me wrong, being different is not necessarily a bad thing, but there is a point where you can other to your own detriment.

Black Americans as I said before have our Undercover Brothers etc. like white Americans have Ace Ventura, but unlike White Americans we don’t have a wide variety. So, it’s a disappointment when we do get the chance to have films made by and about us that are jacked up movies like Precious, He Who Finds a Wife, Outrighteous, Kiss the Bride, Diary of a Mad Black Woman (though I do love that movie) there are too many clones of it and clones of TP films. Those aren’t the only types of films I want to see. American Blacks could have created our own animated films instead of waiting on Disney or some other studio, company or what have you to do it for us. Instead when Disney does American Black people complained about everything from the girl’s name to who her love interest was. You know what? I know a Nigerian filmmaker who makes animated movies. He used to hang out in a couple of forums that I frequented. Just google African Tales. Better yet go to YT and search African Tales. Then there are others who doing animation. American black people. We are way behind! We seriously need to get our shit together!

I’m not going to lie. Nollywood, Gollywood etc. can have some jacked up stories, hell Tyler Perry, David E. Talbert ain’t got nothing on Nollywood, Gollywood etc. Seriously! LOL but you know what? I enjoy watching them. Even when the ending sucks. I’m like WTH? Why? NOOOOO! Even then I enjoy these movies so much. I even got family members hooked on Gollywood after watching a Majid Michel movie. I’m actually on this kick to watch all his movies. You know why I enjoy them even when the sound can blast until you miss dialog, or the music can override dialog, or even when the lighting etc. ain’t always the best? Because they are actually entertaining. No baggage about being black, black stories, or the black thought police in these movies, and thank freaking goodness. You even have very high prod value, Nollywood, Gollywood etc. and those are great too. Nollywood, Gollywood and other African movie industries are moving forward, while we are still complaining about Hollywood. And I understand we have a history and baggage when it comes to our interaction with whites in America and the treatment we have received in the past to even today, but there is a point where we have to move past this, heal,and free ourselves, and move the hell on. Create something new.

You are probably going to be like WTH, because I’m about to contradict myself a bit here. Most black filmmakers are trying to get theatrical releases. We also rely on film festivals instead of creating a viable industry in order to release our films to an audience. I think American black people should focus on the direct to DVD, Blu-Ray, VOD etc. market. In fact I think we should have been the first ones releasing straight-to-video when the VCR and VHS came out. We should have jumped on the bandwagon when the porn industry did (not saying make porn. LOL, but that’s how it got big (yeah I know what that sounds like. LOL), they took advantage of the new medium when the big wigs didn’t when it first came out. Course they were waiting and watching to see how it panned out ( and I don’t blame them, who wants to go through format wars!), and when they figured it out boy did they take over.) American blacks better do that now, before the studios do start to come around, because eventually they will. We should make movies and treat it like V-cinema of Japan which has a better rep than DTV here. Google V-cinema. While we are doing this I think we should be working on strategies to move up to releasing films theatrically. I have experienced having short films shown in a theatrical release, and I tell you there is no experience like it. That’s why I believe that theatrical will be here. I love DTV, On Demand etc., but seriously there is nothing like a shared experience like being in a movie theater. We are social creatures and if given the opportunity would go to a movie screening at a theater vs. home. First though we got some learning and growing to do.

We also need distribution that we control. I love Maverick and others, but American blacks need to own our own distribution companies, creating our own exhibition. Not saying these companies would only distribute black movies, but we need to have control of our image. Not have non-black people telling us what sells to black people. Or what black people don’t want to see as the case with the filmmaker of One Week being told black people don’t understand sophisticated comedy/humor. Yes, he was really told that mess!

I recommend documentaries on nollywood_babylon

In summary my point is while we should work to make sure we are not othered by Hwood and other media, we should also make sure we put the same effort into not othering ourselves.


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Folks! We Can Do Better Than This!

Posted by bwmm on December 5, 2013

Okay, so I want to talk about something that is troubling me. I mentioned this briefly in the previous post. So, I’ve been watching AA films from short films to feature films from youtube to netflix. The biggest thing I am noticing is the use of the N’s, B’s, and H’s all through the damn movies. Now, we say we are tired of horrible representation of us, yet here we are using the n world left, right, and center, yet want to complain when Hwood or non-black people do it. LOL I’ve had to turn off so many of these AA films, because I just couldn’t take those 3. It seemed as if every other word was someone referring to someone else as the N, a B, or an H. Is this how we want folks to see us? Is this how we see ourselves? Maybe I’m missing something here.

Another thing ladies. Let’s refrain from showing ourselves less than classy. Please! Do we need to be in movies showing us as less than ladies? Now, every character isn’t going to be a lady like every male character isn’t going to be a gentleman, but I’m seeing too many of these movies where girls are saying the n word, b, h, being loud, dressing like they came out the club.

Do we really need more black woman is struggling, down trodden, Ooh girl she only 23 years old and she a sufferin? Really! Because I am so tired of seeing movies where we have to struggle or it’s a burden being a black woman, we are bottom of the totem pole, woe is me stories. I can’t take it anymore!

We now have an opportunity to show ourselves the way we want to be seen, treated, and yet we are screwing it up. We now have a way to greenlight movies about us, yet we chose to make movies like Outrighteous. Why are we not making our own Pride and Prejudice’s, The Figurine, Bursting Out, What a Girl Wants? Come on now!

And I’m excited about Lantawood, but I hope that we don’t see this in the movies that will be coming from the industry.

So what if it’s low budget. I’ve been watching no/low budget movies. Again as stated previously to see what they did with what they had. There are some cool movies. There are some that don’t look too hot, but aren’t that bad. I went on youtube to watch AA short films. Most were just a hot ass mess! I mean hottttt assss messss! There were some good to great ones don’t get me wrong, but so many were just like bad TP clones. Most weren’t shorts but scenes. One thing that got on my nerves though is the hot mess drama. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind drama, but some of the stuff I was seeing were shorts like one where a guy is thinking about cheating on his fiance, but is saved by the bell when his friends come. Okay, so what happens when his friends aren’t around the next time? What’s he gonna do then? If it wasn’t that, it was the how hard it is to be black in this world especially for the boys. Goodness have mercy! How many of these movies do we need?

And please when you have elderly couples, please cast an actual elderly person and not some kid playing an elderly person. What works on the stage don’t necessarily work on the screen.

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Why Aren’t We Doing This?

Posted by bwmm on August 10, 2013


A documentary about Swahiliwood

I love watching movies on IrokoTV . I signed up last year when everything was free. I signed up to watch a movie and from then on it was Nollywood/Ghallywood heaven. I watched the movies from Nollywoodlove on youtube. The people who started Iroko. This site is too cool. Just spending days/weeks watching nothing but Nollywood and Ghallywood (not to mention watching mostly Majid Michel movies. Whew!) really does change your perceptions. It got to the point where I realized I was mostly watching movies on Netflix, Youtube and other movie sites. Most of these movies were from Nigeria and Ghana. The way I felt about myself changed as well. I guess from seeing movies about and by black people that ranged from romance (I’m still upset and satisfied by the ending of Emerald. LOL) to cray cray films. By cray cray I mean films like The Best. Majid Michel scared the hell out of me in that movie. Interesting facts about Nollywood here

There’s also IbakaTV I haven’t really watched as much from this site yet. I just discovered it. They as well have a youtube channel

There’s TVNolly youtube channel. Their site is not up yet.

The Okin TV Their site hasn’t launched yet as well. They do have a youtube channel

Another one Oga Madam Movies youtube channel and Oga Madam TV I watched the Figurine their. Finally got to see the movie! Wow!




African Movie Channel

Pj Movies

My Naija Love

Zera TV

Anyway my point is why have American black people done this. Instead of waiting on Hollywood? Why not come up with a distribution system similar? Of course not just streaming, but DVD/Blu-ray as well. Seriously this is too cool of an idea. I read an article from Shadow and Act here talking about how AA’s do have a Nollywood type model. Sorry, but I have to disagree. See in Nollywood/Ghallywood they have the power to greenlight their films, distribute their films, hell make their films, because they run the industry. Distribution companies are owned by … you guessed it Nigerians and Ghanians. Can’t forget other industries like Uganda, Tanzania, Sierra Leone etc. Can we say that in the U. S.? So again how do we have the Nollywood model? Because the movies come out on DVD/blu-ray/VOD. Umm sorry that don’t pass. We need to have some type of control with our image. You can watch the documentary Nollywood Bablylon Snagfilms. You have to sign up to be able to see it. Here is another Documentary Welcome to Nollywood at Hulu.

It’s crazy Everyone is getting on the ball except AA’s. We need to get on the ball. The Nigerians, Ghanaians, Dominicans, Haitians, Jamaicans and many more either have industries or are working on them. Seriously, what’s up with us?

Another thing is that when we make films we control our image as I stated before. That means we need to think about how we present ourselves. I’m seeing too many AA’s making movies that are ill representations of us. We talk about how we don’t like how Hollywood represents us. Then why the hell are black filmmakers making movies that are the same stereotypes and ill representation that we claim we are against. I will go into this in another post.

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Toni Braxon New Lifetime Movie

Posted by bwmm on September 1, 2012

Kudos to Toni Braxton Lifetime seems to be making a lot of movies with black people in them now. Hopefully the keep this up.

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The Memo that Changed Hollywood and Inspired Jerry Maguire

Posted by bwmm on March 18, 2012

I was searching for the Kazenberg Memo and low and behold I found it. (the whole memo)

Now as producers, writers etc. this is a must read. He basically said that Disney was headed away from their original vision, because of their success.

You can be hurt by your own success. Disney when it first started had limited budget, resources, and respect. So they used those limited budgets, and resource, and created well told stories. The thing is their own success while helping them get on their feet also hurt them. Because of their success they started making movies with bigger budgets. That’s not bad, but then budgets started getting bigger, the use of star power over story started to become king instead of story.

I loved how he mentioned the cycle of Hollywood going back to spiraling budgets that happened in the 50’s/60’s and how it nearly destroyed Hollywood. But you can also say that because of this we got the black film movement now known as blaxploitation, hixploitation etc. This gave rise to the independents. But eventually they got their act together. Then in the 80’s/90’s the same thing started to happen. And of course today. The bigger the company became or a company becomes the crazier spending can rise.

People talk about Old Hollywood. And yes you had folks who would go overboard, and spend like crazy, but that’s why they had the producer who would knuckle down and say NO! I think that’s what Hollywood needs again. Hollywood needs new Thalbergs. Yes the Old Studio system is no more, but there was some good and effective things that could and should be used by Hollywood today.

Hell those things might be good for independents to use. This kind of thing can easily happen to independents. Just because you are small using no-low-budges, no star, minor stars etc. doesn’t mean that you won’t or can’t get to this point.

The thing is staying true to your vision, and while everyone else is going 2012, Avatar, , cgi, spectacle crazy you are making My Big Fat Greek Wedding, It Happened One Night The More the Merrier, Palm Beach story (yeah I know three old films, but so what. They are more relevant today than most films made today. LOL) maybe even a Serenity (cheaper than most movies) Not saying don’t do big budget movies, or not to have mega stars, but don’t rely on big budgets, mega stars, big fx etc. The idea/story is king.

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Black Filmmakers Need to Diversify! Please! I’m Begging you DIVERSIFY!

Posted by bwmm on October 31, 2011

Now I know the previous post was talking about bp not complaining about media images if we aren’t doing anything or going to do anything about it. Well me I am. Even if it’s not at the moment as I am studying filmmaking. But best believe I have a plan. BET Study: Black Moviegoers Don’t Watch Just Black Films No shit Sherlock! Really No shit! Wait black people like to watch genres such as romances as much as white or other non-black people do? No shit! Excuse the language, but seriously everybody and they mama knows that. Hell, just go to the movie theater and look at who’s in line. This is one of the reasons that the blaxploitation movement ended. Studio execs. realized that just like black people were going to see movies like Abby (blaxploitation version of The Exorcist) or Black Ceasar they were equally going to see The Exorcist or The Godfather and many of other movies. The thing that annoys me with many black filmmakers is this ignoring of this. Why not make the types of movies that many bp enjoy. If black people like Runaway Bride, Two Weeks Notice etc. then why not make movies similar that many black audiences would enjoy? I have nothing against drama slice of life etc., but even white people have a hard time with the. Yes comedies as well as dramas are a hard sell when you start to look overseas especially the fact that every culture has it’s own since of humor. Hell even cultures within the same country have different since of humor.

Another thing is we have to learn to stop trying so hard to make movies about or focusing on black love. Why can’t the two love interest just happen to be black? It’s like black people have to make some hit over your head statement to show you that these two black people represent black love. Filmmakers try way to hard to show black love as something different than the way other groups love. Seriously! We are people. We are not some other and need to stop othering ourselves. Case in point the movie Deliver Us From Eva was deliberately written like it was a Julia Robert’s movie. I think that’s what makes it enjoyable. Not saying making it a race thing btw! Just that the writer wanted black audiences to see the type of movie they tend to enjoy from Julia or any other actress. Like I said before too many black filmmakers (U. S. American) work hard to make a movie black or feel black. Whatever that is. So in a since it’s us making it into a race thing without even realizing it.

Another thing I’ve seen and that annoys me is that we have too many movies like The Best Man don’t get me wrong while I love this movie there are just to many movies with bp and countless baby mama drama going on. I was recently watching a movie called Kiss the Bride where a groom drops an F(literaly)*bomb on his soon to be bride. Even black folks on Amazon were like WTH is up with our love stories. Now I know that white people and other groups have drama and conflict like this in their movies all the time. But see they have something that we African American’s don’t have. It’s called VARIETY! White Hollywood, Indies can get away with an Undercover Brother, because there is also A Beautiful Mind just around the corner. But we have Kiss the Bride, Outrighteous about two women competing over a dude. Seriously!

A friend said this in a discussion on a post from Clutch about Nollywood “I first began looking at Indian programming while visiting the Hookah bar…Everyone is filmed surrounded by grand homes and other beautiful scenery ….The women are glamorized and not sexified…… You actually want to be there…Of course we know reality for all is not that grandiose, but their best foot is put forward ….”

Yes Nollywood, Gollywood and other woods in the big A have crazy high drama. Seriously. I mean check out movies like Beyonce Presidents Daughter which reminds you more of soaps. Plastic surgery, really! LOL or Princess Tyra , Op! Let’s not forget Beyonce and Rihaana but again unlike AA’s they can do this, because while there is Osuofia in London , there are movies like Sitanda , My Idol , White Waters , The Picture Perfect , A sting in A Tale etc. Did anyone know there is a Nollywood version of Cinderella called Cinderella . There are others of course, but this one I am speaking of stars Desmond Elliot who directed a movie I’ll Take My Chances which is beautifully shot Jeta Amata made a beautiful movie Amazing Grace , Stephanie Okereke a big star in Nollywood went to the New York Film Academy and then went to make her first feature film Through the Glass where she cast herself as lead because well she can do that, being that she’s the freaking producer and has control of her image. Hmmm. Maybe something we as AA’s need to learn. Stephanie O even got a NYFA Program in Nigeria so ha!

Okay so them’s a lot of pics. LOL but they are there because hint hint, I want folks to look for them and check them out. Not saying they are perfect, but they have something to improve upon while we are still looking for others to do for us and then either complaining when they don’t or when they don’t show us in the light we want to be seen. Well that’s not others job. It’s ours. We need to control our image. Stop giving others the power to control something that they shouldn’t be in charge of anyway.

So while we have and need movies that show the bad Precious etc. we need movies that show the good Deliver Us From Eva. We need our own The Prince and Me, Pride and Prejudice, Runaway Bride, Casablanca, Palm Beach Story, Diwale Dulhania Le Jeyenge, Kabhi Kabhi Khushi Gham, Dil to Pagal Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Krrish (Sequel to koi mil Gaya. Plus I gotta throw in the superheroes LOL) etc.

Black filmmakers everywhere why not do like Nollywood, Gollywood etc. and distribute straight to video or even online? Why not look to black owned stores to see if they will sell products. I know it won’t be easy, but who knows. That’s how Tyler Perry grew that following. Black store owners sold those video plays, and I believe some promoted his plays, but it’s a been a while. Don’t know if many did this, but it did help to grow his following. Why not try that. Even if the movies are low-bud and look a hot mess it’s better than not trying anything and never getting anything done to improve upon!

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Complaining Isn’t as Effective As Doing

Posted by bwmm on October 31, 2011

Sorry for not posting in a long while. I will try when I can.

I was reading a post at What About Our Daughters (Fantastic blog btw!) and came upon a post from Clutch magazine.
Mad at the Media: Cheap Complainers Get No Sympathy

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TV Makes It To the Web Through Independent Filmmakers

Posted by bwmm on June 3, 2011

There are some pretty sweet web series that I definitely want to mention.

7 Cities

They even have it on TV


Dirty South

The Same people who made Dirty South have Kissing Frogs

They also have a website/channel called Milestone Television

Pilot for (not sure if they are still going to have it be a web series or not)

The Endz

Here is another pilot of the Endz

The New York Television Film Festival is a festival for Pilots.

Here are a few

Red Hook High

Cast and Crew


Another pilot made for the festival. Don’t know if it got in or not, but it was pretty good.

Which Way

Not a pilot for a festival, but for a class project. Either way it’s pretty cool cute kids show.


Pilot for proposed series
Dirty Rich

you can also view the pilot here Same ep just info on how much production cost, tech specs etc.

Last, but not least is a web series and a damn good one.

Pioneer One Everyone should most definitely check this web series out.

Also Pioneer One’s YT Channel Facebook of course their website

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We Don’t Want to Be Left Behind!

Posted by bwmm on December 14, 2010

I know this was an earlier video than the others, but I wanted to focus on the first two more than the other two.

I just found this dudes vids at YT. Love him. His name is Adam Daniel Mezei He does reviews at Film Courage an Check out PMD-For-Hire

I ended up watching his vids until like 4 in the morning. LOL

Also a discussion even though the thread starter actually isn’t against prosumer cameras just it’s misuse The Prosumer Myth is bad

Indie Distribution Network

Want to learn about film production etc.
Student Films
Student Filmmakers
Indie Talk
DV Info
Indie Club
Indy Mogul
Production Forums

Where ever you go just remember not to get caught up in camera hype and other crap!


Scriptwriting Goldmine
Done Deal
Matt Hawkins

We should definitely use this open window before it closes. Get started in low in comsumer/prosumer and then move on to high end professional video cams as well as film like super 8 16mm etc. then up to 35mm. If we don’t hurry our time will be up! We will have missed our chance. I won’t be surprised in a few years if YT starts charging to put videos on (which would make sense, have you gone through the search lately. Whew!) Vimeo. There is actually a video sharing start up working on just that. There are some that won’t to go back to Ifilm style where it’s like a festival and the videos have to be approved etc. That means they filter out the crap. I also won’t be surprised when YT starts charging period! Same with other sites. I mean YT now has a form of rental like Netflix. Even if they stay free do people really think that the internet or internet video etc. will always stay wild like the wild west? Even the wild west eventually got tamed. People really think these businesses won’t catch up and on and be a head in the game again. Okay so TIVO, YT etc. through them for a loop, but whose to say it will always be that way?

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We Have No Excuse!

Posted by bwmm on November 21, 2010

The creators of Emperor explain how they came up with the idea about making the movie. For a while you could check the movie out at Vodo by downloading the movie through BitTorrents or UTorrents etc. The movie is free to watch such as Pioneer One that premiered there as well.

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