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Movie Viewing Assignments

Posted by bwmm on January 12, 2010

Movie assignments to watch. I think I will do this every week. Everyone must watch the films within a the alloted week and write thoughts on the movies as well as what you think we could do to make our own films. Right now I am posting Nollywood, Ghollywood, I’m also going to be assigning other African films from industries like Nwood as well as movies like Sia the Myth of the Python. I also will be assigning films from Haiti etc. I will also be assigning movies from other continents/countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, India etc.

Nollywood (Amstel Malta Boxoffice, basically it’s a program where contestants compete to become the next Nollywood Star (there was actually a show by that name as well) Anyway every season there is a winner and they get a lead role in a movie produced by Amstel

Beyonce President’s Daughter

The Return of Beyonce

Princess Tyra if you can find it.


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