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Movie Viewing Assignments #2

Posted by bwmm on January 19, 2010


Made for 400k British pounds


Kano, Nigeria known as Kanywood
I am going to warn you now that you have to remember that the culture is different so the marriages are going to be different etc.



Okay I am thinking of making these assignments private. I think I will make a private forum for viewing assignments and possibly for film assignments if I decide to have a collab. I will create the private blog and post an annoucement here as well as other places and those interested please email to be joined to the group.


2 Responses to “Movie Viewing Assignments #2”

  1. 幸運 said


  2. scificrazy said

    I just watched Amazing Grace on Netflix. All I have to say is wow Jeta Amata showed he got some mad skills. I think he even said it was his first time ever shoot on film let alone 35mm. I was thinking Nejat would be cool for black women so that some fool comes up to her she can give them a throw done, but personally I would like something like what I saw in the couple of Nepali films like Uphaar (I think it's spelled) the handsome knight comes and saves the day.

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