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The Memo that Changed Hollywood and Inspired Jerry Maguire

Posted by bwmm on March 18, 2012

I was searching for the Kazenberg Memo and low and behold I found it. (the whole memo)

Now as producers, writers etc. this is a must read. He basically said that Disney was headed away from their original vision, because of their success.

You can be hurt by your own success. Disney when it first started had limited budget, resources, and respect. So they used those limited budgets, and resource, and created well told stories. The thing is their own success while helping them get on their feet also hurt them. Because of their success they started making movies with bigger budgets. That’s not bad, but then budgets started getting bigger, the use of star power over story started to become king instead of story.

I loved how he mentioned the cycle of Hollywood going back to spiraling budgets that happened in the 50’s/60’s and how it nearly destroyed Hollywood. But you can also say that because of this we got the black film movement now known as blaxploitation, hixploitation etc. This gave rise to the independents. But eventually they got their act together. Then in the 80’s/90’s the same thing started to happen. And of course today. The bigger the company became or a company becomes the crazier spending can rise.

People talk about Old Hollywood. And yes you had folks who would go overboard, and spend like crazy, but that’s why they had the producer who would knuckle down and say NO! I think that’s what Hollywood needs again. Hollywood needs new Thalbergs. Yes the Old Studio system is no more, but there was some good and effective things that could and should be used by Hollywood today.

Hell those things might be good for independents to use. This kind of thing can easily happen to independents. Just because you are small using no-low-budges, no star, minor stars etc. doesn’t mean that you won’t or can’t get to this point.

The thing is staying true to your vision, and while everyone else is going 2012, Avatar, , cgi, spectacle crazy you are making My Big Fat Greek Wedding, It Happened One Night The More the Merrier, Palm Beach story (yeah I know three old films, but so what. They are more relevant today than most films made today. LOL) maybe even a Serenity (cheaper than most movies) Not saying don’t do big budget movies, or not to have mega stars, but don’t rely on big budgets, mega stars, big fx etc. The idea/story is king.


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