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TV Makes It To the Web Through Independent Filmmakers

Posted by bwmm on June 3, 2011

There are some pretty sweet web series that I definitely want to mention.

7 Cities

They even have it on TV


Dirty South

The Same people who made Dirty South have Kissing Frogs

They also have a website/channel called Milestone Television

Pilot for (not sure if they are still going to have it be a web series or not)

The Endz

Here is another pilot of the Endz

The New York Television Film Festival is a festival for Pilots.

Here are a few

Red Hook High

Cast and Crew


Another pilot made for the festival. Don’t know if it got in or not, but it was pretty good.

Which Way

Not a pilot for a festival, but for a class project. Either way it’s pretty cool cute kids show.


Pilot for proposed series
Dirty Rich

you can also view the pilot here Same ep just info on how much production cost, tech specs etc.

Last, but not least is a web series and a damn good one.

Pioneer One Everyone should most definitely check this web series out.

Also Pioneer One’s YT Channel Facebook of course their website


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Lack of Black Women Representation

Posted by bwmm on September 15, 2009

It’s sad that black actresses have such a hard time in movie industries all over. We really need to create an industry that black actresses can look to. This goes for the lack of representation of black women models as well. You know what’s even more sad? There are so many beautiful black women are actresses and models and yet rarely get any type of exposure or at least not adequate. Viola Davis went to Juilliard. Julliard for goodness sakes!!!!! You know she had to be great in order to get in. Hollywood has this way of tricking us into thinking changes are being made when it’s just the same old same old. Hollywood will waste the talents of the actresses by giving them parts here and there. This is what I think happened to actresses like Angela Bassett, Vivica A. Fox and countless black actresses who have unfortunately graced the screen of Hollyweird. That is really why I have mixed feelings about black actresses joining guilds like SAG /AFTRA (which don’t like to tell them, hell most actors at that) that you may make more, but get less jobs where as non union get more jobs(this goes for equity (theatre) as well), but can make less. Plus what It would cost to cast huge stars or actors period with SAG. I think that’s why there were actors/actresses that didn’t want to join SAG when AFTRA became a part of SAG. Many knew they had a hard time even with AFTRA is was really going to be hard with SAG.

I understand why you need the unions, but many actors and actresses I know didn’t renew with AFTRA before SAG because they saw no point in paying dues when they barely got work. I think they are like any other business. They will exploit black people. A black actor or actress gets a part and then they show look that person is doing well so people keep renewing, but much of the same keeps happening. Nothing or almost nothing. Not to mention SAG has that limited agreement. You get SAG actors scale, but you can only show it in a limited number of days/places etc. I don’t know I just know that I don’t want to be a part of some of these unions and Since AFTRA.

This also goes to the discussion on the lack of black women models as well.joined SAG that pretty much sucks. I think frankly we would have to start a union separate of SAG/AFTRA. Frankly I would rather just start the way Nollywood started without any of the BS, plus we could discover new talent, but we would need representation at the same time.

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