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TV Makes It To the Web Through Independent Filmmakers

Posted by bwmm on June 3, 2011

There are some pretty sweet web series that I definitely want to mention.

7 Cities

They even have it on TV


Dirty South

The Same people who made Dirty South have Kissing Frogs

They also have a website/channel called Milestone Television

Pilot for (not sure if they are still going to have it be a web series or not)

The Endz

Here is another pilot of the Endz

The New York Television Film Festival is a festival for Pilots.

Here are a few

Red Hook High

Cast and Crew


Another pilot made for the festival. Don’t know if it got in or not, but it was pretty good.

Which Way

Not a pilot for a festival, but for a class project. Either way it’s pretty cool cute kids show.


Pilot for proposed series
Dirty Rich

you can also view the pilot here Same ep just info on how much production cost, tech specs etc.

Last, but not least is a web series and a damn good one.

Pioneer One Everyone should most definitely check this web series out.

Also Pioneer One’s YT Channel Facebook of course their website


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DIY Cheapo Filmmaking

Posted by bwmm on August 30, 2009

DIY Cheapo Filmmaking

How to Aquire Your Filmmaking Equipment for $750 USD article

Other Lighting P1 P2 P3


Costume (told you guys I have weird
scifi/actiony ish!/



Other DIY sites

Fog Chiller


Low budget Screenplay—From-Blank-Screen-to-the-Silver-Screen&id=2489271

There is a book Planning the Low-Budget Film by Robert Latham Brown
Film & Video Budgets Deke Simon and Michael Wiese
Here are the budget spreadsheets from the book (from what I’ve seen I think you have to pay for them)

Sorry this is a long post. I will find more to post.

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