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Folks! We Can Do Better Than This!

Posted by bwmm on December 5, 2013

Okay, so I want to talk about something that is troubling me. I mentioned this briefly in the previous post. So, I’ve been watching AA films from short films to feature films from youtube to netflix. The biggest thing I am noticing is the use of the N’s, B’s, and H’s all through the damn movies. Now, we say we are tired of horrible representation of us, yet here we are using the n world left, right, and center, yet want to complain when Hwood or non-black people do it. LOL I’ve had to turn off so many of these AA films, because I just couldn’t take those 3. It seemed as if every other word was someone referring to someone else as the N, a B, or an H. Is this how we want folks to see us? Is this how we see ourselves? Maybe I’m missing something here.

Another thing ladies. Let’s refrain from showing ourselves less than classy. Please! Do we need to be in movies showing us as less than ladies? Now, every character isn’t going to be a lady like every male character isn’t going to be a gentleman, but I’m seeing too many of these movies where girls are saying the n word, b, h, being loud, dressing like they came out the club.

Do we really need more black woman is struggling, down trodden, Ooh girl she only 23 years old and she a sufferin? Really! Because I am so tired of seeing movies where we have to struggle or it’s a burden being a black woman, we are bottom of the totem pole, woe is me stories. I can’t take it anymore!

We now have an opportunity to show ourselves the way we want to be seen, treated, and yet we are screwing it up. We now have a way to greenlight movies about us, yet we chose to make movies like Outrighteous. Why are we not making our own Pride and Prejudice’s, The Figurine, Bursting Out, What a Girl Wants? Come on now!

And I’m excited about Lantawood, but I hope that we don’t see this in the movies that will be coming from the industry.

So what if it’s low budget. I’ve been watching no/low budget movies. Again as stated previously to see what they did with what they had. There are some cool movies. There are some that don’t look too hot, but aren’t that bad. I went on youtube to watch AA short films. Most were just a hot ass mess! I mean hottttt assss messss! There were some good to great ones don’t get me wrong, but so many were just like bad TP clones. Most weren’t shorts but scenes. One thing that got on my nerves though is the hot mess drama. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind drama, but some of the stuff I was seeing were shorts like one where a guy is thinking about cheating on his fiance, but is saved by the bell when his friends come. Okay, so what happens when his friends aren’t around the next time? What’s he gonna do then? If it wasn’t that, it was the how hard it is to be black in this world especially for the boys. Goodness have mercy! How many of these movies do we need?

And please when you have elderly couples, please cast an actual elderly person and not some kid playing an elderly person. What works on the stage don’t necessarily work on the screen.


2 Responses to “Folks! We Can Do Better Than This!”

  1. Tamar said

    Most people are copying Tyler Perry because he has made it and they people copying the formula TP used in his movies and plays will make them just as successful. This is my first time hearing about Lantawood, but I been away from Alabama for almost 3 years. I am tired of same old themes in most Black movies. I’m a female black engineer, but I never seen a movie black movie that I can relate too. I’m working on my private pilot license and there has been many black female pilot in history, but there has been no movies about them. Just the same old same old Tuskegee Airman. I’m reading up on screenwriting and cinematography.

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