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Why Aren’t We Doing This?

Posted by bwmm on August 10, 2013


A documentary about Swahiliwood

I love watching movies on IrokoTV . I signed up last year when everything was free. I signed up to watch a movie and from then on it was Nollywood/Ghallywood heaven. I watched the movies from Nollywoodlove on youtube. The people who started Iroko. This site is too cool. Just spending days/weeks watching nothing but Nollywood and Ghallywood (not to mention watching mostly Majid Michel movies. Whew!) really does change your perceptions. It got to the point where I realized I was mostly watching movies on Netflix, Youtube and other movie sites. Most of these movies were from Nigeria and Ghana. The way I felt about myself changed as well. I guess from seeing movies about and by black people that ranged from romance (I’m still upset and satisfied by the ending of Emerald. LOL) to cray cray films. By cray cray I mean films like The Best. Majid Michel scared the hell out of me in that movie. Interesting facts about Nollywood here

There’s also IbakaTV I haven’t really watched as much from this site yet. I just discovered it. They as well have a youtube channel

There’s TVNolly youtube channel. Their site is not up yet.

The Okin TV Their site hasn’t launched yet as well. They do have a youtube channel

Another one Oga Madam Movies youtube channel and Oga Madam TV I watched the Figurine their. Finally got to see the movie! Wow!




African Movie Channel

Pj Movies

My Naija Love

Zera TV

Anyway my point is why have American black people done this. Instead of waiting on Hollywood? Why not come up with a distribution system similar? Of course not just streaming, but DVD/Blu-ray as well. Seriously this is too cool of an idea. I read an article from Shadow and Act here talking about how AA’s do have a Nollywood type model. Sorry, but I have to disagree. See in Nollywood/Ghallywood they have the power to greenlight their films, distribute their films, hell make their films, because they run the industry. Distribution companies are owned by … you guessed it Nigerians and Ghanians. Can’t forget other industries like Uganda, Tanzania, Sierra Leone etc. Can we say that in the U. S.? So again how do we have the Nollywood model? Because the movies come out on DVD/blu-ray/VOD. Umm sorry that don’t pass. We need to have some type of control with our image. You can watch the documentary Nollywood Bablylon Snagfilms. You have to sign up to be able to see it. Here is another Documentary Welcome to Nollywood at Hulu.

It’s crazy Everyone is getting on the ball except AA’s. We need to get on the ball. The Nigerians, Ghanaians, Dominicans, Haitians, Jamaicans and many more either have industries or are working on them. Seriously, what’s up with us?

Another thing is that when we make films we control our image as I stated before. That means we need to think about how we present ourselves. I’m seeing too many AA’s making movies that are ill representations of us. We talk about how we don’t like how Hollywood represents us. Then why the hell are black filmmakers making movies that are the same stereotypes and ill representation that we claim we are against. I will go into this in another post.


2 Responses to “Why Aren’t We Doing This?”

  1. Tamar said

    I given up cable & satellite when I moved from Alabama to Colorado. I also learned there hasn’t been many quality movies or television show featuring Black females. I spend a lot of my time browsing roku and appletv channels. Most of the channels for Blacks on Roku are Caribbean or Sub-Sahara Africa channels. It doesn’t take too much money to license movies for streaming (The amount is base on number of subscriber to the channel) and roku has nice system for establishing pay subscription.

    I did some research a while ago because I was looking to establishing my own streaming channel.

    The only problem is finding the capital for creating new content such as movie or shows.

    • bwmm said

      Sorry haven’t been posting in a while. From what I learned when IrokoTV first started with Nollywood Love it took some money to stream movies. en HBO first came out they realized there weren’t really enough movies to actually play on their channel 24 7, 7 days a week, month to month, year to year etc. So they started having content created. You will probably have to create it, look for etc. I’m thinking about doing something similar. The thing about Nollywood, Gollywood, also other countries in Africa as well as out such as Haiti have films to choose from.

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