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Black Filmmakers Need to Diversify! Please! I’m Begging you DIVERSIFY!

Posted by bwmm on October 31, 2011

Now I know the previous post was talking about bp not complaining about media images if we aren’t doing anything or going to do anything about it. Well me I am. Even if it’s not at the moment as I am studying filmmaking. But best believe I have a plan. BET Study: Black Moviegoers Don’t Watch Just Black Films No shit Sherlock! Really No shit! Wait black people like to watch genres such as romances as much as white or other non-black people do? No shit! Excuse the language, but seriously everybody and they mama knows that. Hell, just go to the movie theater and look at who’s in line. This is one of the reasons that the blaxploitation movement ended. Studio execs. realized that just like black people were going to see movies like Abby (blaxploitation version of The Exorcist) or Black Ceasar they were equally going to see The Exorcist or The Godfather and many of other movies. The thing that annoys me with many black filmmakers is this ignoring of this. Why not make the types of movies that many bp enjoy. If black people like Runaway Bride, Two Weeks Notice etc. then why not make movies similar that many black audiences would enjoy? I have nothing against drama slice of life etc., but even white people have a hard time with the. Yes comedies as well as dramas are a hard sell when you start to look overseas especially the fact that every culture has it’s own since of humor. Hell even cultures within the same country have different since of humor.

Another thing is we have to learn to stop trying so hard to make movies about or focusing on black love. Why can’t the two love interest just happen to be black? It’s like black people have to make some hit over your head statement to show you that these two black people represent black love. Filmmakers try way to hard to show black love as something different than the way other groups love. Seriously! We are people. We are not some other and need to stop othering ourselves. Case in point the movie Deliver Us From Eva was deliberately written like it was a Julia Robert’s movie. I think that’s what makes it enjoyable. Not saying making it a race thing btw! Just that the writer wanted black audiences to see the type of movie they tend to enjoy from Julia or any other actress. Like I said before too many black filmmakers (U. S. American) work hard to make a movie black or feel black. Whatever that is. So in a since it’s us making it into a race thing without even realizing it.

Another thing I’ve seen and that annoys me is that we have too many movies like The Best Man don’t get me wrong while I love this movie there are just to many movies with bp and countless baby mama drama going on. I was recently watching a movie called Kiss the Bride where a groom drops an F(literaly)*bomb on his soon to be bride. Even black folks on Amazon were like WTH is up with our love stories. Now I know that white people and other groups have drama and conflict like this in their movies all the time. But see they have something that we African American’s don’t have. It’s called VARIETY! White Hollywood, Indies can get away with an Undercover Brother, because there is also A Beautiful Mind just around the corner. But we have Kiss the Bride, Outrighteous about two women competing over a dude. Seriously!

A friend said this in a discussion on a post from Clutch about Nollywood “I first began looking at Indian programming while visiting the Hookah bar…Everyone is filmed surrounded by grand homes and other beautiful scenery ….The women are glamorized and not sexified…… You actually want to be there…Of course we know reality for all is not that grandiose, but their best foot is put forward ….”

Yes Nollywood, Gollywood and other woods in the big A have crazy high drama. Seriously. I mean check out movies like Beyonce Presidents Daughter which reminds you more of soaps. Plastic surgery, really! LOL or Princess Tyra , Op! Let’s not forget Beyonce and Rihaana but again unlike AA’s they can do this, because while there is Osuofia in London , there are movies like Sitanda , My Idol , White Waters , The Picture Perfect , A sting in A Tale etc. Did anyone know there is a Nollywood version of Cinderella called Cinderella . There are others of course, but this one I am speaking of stars Desmond Elliot who directed a movie I’ll Take My Chances which is beautifully shot Jeta Amata made a beautiful movie Amazing Grace , Stephanie Okereke a big star in Nollywood went to the New York Film Academy and then went to make her first feature film Through the Glass where she cast herself as lead because well she can do that, being that she’s the freaking producer and has control of her image. Hmmm. Maybe something we as AA’s need to learn. Stephanie O even got a NYFA Program in Nigeria so ha!

Okay so them’s a lot of pics. LOL but they are there because hint hint, I want folks to look for them and check them out. Not saying they are perfect, but they have something to improve upon while we are still looking for others to do for us and then either complaining when they don’t or when they don’t show us in the light we want to be seen. Well that’s not others job. It’s ours. We need to control our image. Stop giving others the power to control something that they shouldn’t be in charge of anyway.

So while we have and need movies that show the bad Precious etc. we need movies that show the good Deliver Us From Eva. We need our own The Prince and Me, Pride and Prejudice, Runaway Bride, Casablanca, Palm Beach Story, Diwale Dulhania Le Jeyenge, Kabhi Kabhi Khushi Gham, Dil to Pagal Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Krrish (Sequel to koi mil Gaya. Plus I gotta throw in the superheroes LOL) etc.

Black filmmakers everywhere why not do like Nollywood, Gollywood etc. and distribute straight to video or even online? Why not look to black owned stores to see if they will sell products. I know it won’t be easy, but who knows. That’s how Tyler Perry grew that following. Black store owners sold those video plays, and I believe some promoted his plays, but it’s a been a while. Don’t know if many did this, but it did help to grow his following. Why not try that. Even if the movies are low-bud and look a hot mess it’s better than not trying anything and never getting anything done to improve upon!


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  1. good post *finger snaps*

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