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We Don’t Want to Be Left Behind!

Posted by bwmm on December 14, 2010

I know this was an earlier video than the others, but I wanted to focus on the first two more than the other two.

I just found this dudes vids at YT. Love him. His name is Adam Daniel Mezei He does reviews at Film Courage an Check out PMD-For-Hire

I ended up watching his vids until like 4 in the morning. LOL

Also a discussion even though the thread starter actually isn’t against prosumer cameras just it’s misuse The Prosumer Myth is bad

Indie Distribution Network

Want to learn about film production etc.
Student Films
Student Filmmakers
Indie Talk
DV Info
Indie Club
Indy Mogul
Production Forums

Where ever you go just remember not to get caught up in camera hype and other crap!


Scriptwriting Goldmine
Done Deal
Matt Hawkins

We should definitely use this open window before it closes. Get started in low in comsumer/prosumer and then move on to high end professional video cams as well as film like super 8 16mm etc. then up to 35mm. If we don’t hurry our time will be up! We will have missed our chance. I won’t be surprised in a few years if YT starts charging to put videos on (which would make sense, have you gone through the search lately. Whew!) Vimeo. There is actually a video sharing start up working on just that. There are some that won’t to go back to Ifilm style where it’s like a festival and the videos have to be approved etc. That means they filter out the crap. I also won’t be surprised when YT starts charging period! Same with other sites. I mean YT now has a form of rental like Netflix. Even if they stay free do people really think that the internet or internet video etc. will always stay wild like the wild west? Even the wild west eventually got tamed. People really think these businesses won’t catch up and on and be a head in the game again. Okay so TIVO, YT etc. through them for a loop, but whose to say it will always be that way?


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