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The Beauty of the Process of the Development Story

Posted by bwmm on September 22, 2010

Who would have thought this would become the start of Doctor Who
1963 BBC Report on SF
1963 BBC Follow-up Report on SF
1963 BBC Concept Notes for New SF Drama
1963 BBC Background Notes on Dr Who
1963 BBC Audience Report on Dr Who

Another story that people associate with Doctor Who is Doctor Omega.

Original Star Wars treatments

You can also find the different versions in Star Wars Skywalking: The Life and Films of George Lucas, biography by Dale

Wiki for the Adventures of the Star Killer: The Star Wars

Adventures of the Star Killer: The Star Wars Script

These seem to have some of the scripts. Some are fan like Adventures of the Starkiller II (and they didn’t mention that Obi-Wan didn’t die until later. In most drafts he lives. That is until Lucas collaborated with Joseph Campbell who helped him write the story using the Hero’s Journey. In some versions Luke is the younger brother of Deak. He is called to fight Vader or Valuoron after Deak is killed with the sign Angle Blue. In some some versions Luke is Annikin Starkiller, then Luke Starkiller then of course Luke Skywalker. In different versions Luke and Leia are cousins, brother sister, girl friend boyfriend (as was supposed to happen after the first one until Lucas changed the direction of that relationship) There was even a book written where Luke and Leia are a couple. Man when you read those different treatments and scripts it’s a trip. I love to see the evolution of a story idea.

I mean just look at Doctor Who. Originally the BBC didn’t want to cast a kid. Susan, Ian, and Barbaras names are different. The doctor is more of a nut then he is in the existing series (he even hates scientists, inventors etc. and tries to stop the development of history (tech) in his travels, because he loves the past. Remember originally Doctor Who was a mystery. This is a time before the Time Lords etc.


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