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Lets Make Waves in Television!!!

Posted by bwmm on September 21, 2010

I’ve been watching the tv show Here Come the Brides  . It was a tv series that came out in 68 about three brothers who go East to bring women to Seattle, Washington. Seriously David Soul Pre Hutch. ummm. Recently learned that it was based on two women who had this idea. This is a cute fun and delightful show. Here Come the Brides DVD description I have the complete first series from the library. Trying to find stuff for my grandfather to watch since we didn’t have cable. Now we do. But anyway I remember watching this show as a kid and was like look at all these people from Plus were those Bolt men hot!!! when I see this series or others they are usually on cable channels. What I started to wonder is why don’t these channels create their own even if it’s low-budget if they want this type of programming. I actually wonder why networks aren’t making shows like this now or like Lost in Space not that new hot mess WB pilot. Now I know it’s probably harder than all of that. I totally wouldn’t mind a low-budget tv series even if it looked low-budget as long as it’s good and entertaining. Why must America always think that tv shows have to be uber high-budged so called higher production quality (half the time over programming quality)? Just because a show has a high prod value doesn’t make it a good show or even entertaining. Just look at what’s on tv now. The show can be shot on film, video or whatever. I loved the series Christy that came out in 95. The series was short lived, but there was a tv movie series for the fans that came out on Pax. The movies were shot in Canada vs. Tennessee (which is def more preferable), because of budget. Now a series didn’t go through because (family etc.), but seriously it got me thinking. Why can’t a series like Christy, Here Come the Brides, hell the Rifleman (when you think about it they are mostly on that farm or in that damn town). Frankly I have nothing against shows being shot on sets/soundstages as was done in the past (if that keeps it cheaper than I’m all the way for it, well except for cgi sets (unless they are good)

Can you say low-budget? Can you say not the best production values? Can you say not the best acting? Can you say a short season? Can you say so what?
Some of them
Walk on Water (Christian TV Drama Series)

The pilot was made on a very very very low-budget (not telling on the site, out of respect for the creator(s). People don’t like telling budgets for business reasons. Might not mind, but I don’t want to chance it. I asked them at youtube user site and I got a response about the production cost.

Atlanta Homicide, but I so don’t want to see a new slew of cop and law shows in the vein of L&) (Love L&O, CSI etc, but damn) now a series like Adam 12 maybe. Or something like Rosemary and Thyme. Loved that series. Then again I love cozy mysteries. I just love mysteries.

Shubian’s Rift has there eps up

We of course can’t forget the BBC Productions such as Blake’7, Doctor Who and a slew of mini series, sitcoms and dramas

Yeah you have people bitching about the low-budget quality of some of these series, but they are still watching in order to be complaining about it.

And from the low-budget black films I’ve seen come from Maverick, Yorke and countless others it’s a trip BET can’t do a tv drama series or even a sitcom. Nora’s Hair Salon was mostly on set, but the first film could have been the basis for a weekly dramatic series and the sequel could have been the basis for a sitcom as most of it was on a film set.

Here! A network geared to the gay and lesbian community has two series called Dante’s Cove and Lair which are influenced by shows such as the occult soap opera Dark Shadows.

Strange Paradise A canadian tv soap similar to DS (which was pretty cool actually) was low-budget, but ironically enough had a bigger set than DS. Yes some of the other sets looked low-bud, but so the hell what?

Another thing I wish would happen is for my Network TV to do what UPN didn’t. Be better than CW. Don’t try to cater to teens. Make shows like Trek, Firefly etc. as well as shows like Brisco Country Jr. shows like Here come the Brides, The Rifleman anything non CW Dawson’s Creek, Gossip Girl type shows please. I can’t take it anymore. If they must do a teen show do a teen show like 24-7 or the Tribe or something. Bring back kid shows. Real kid shows and not the crap we see on Nick and Disney. I loved the Enid Blyton Adventure Series from NZ there was another I can’t remember the name or the Famous Five. Bring back shows like the Press Gang, Tomorrow People, Hypernauts (even though short-lived was da bomb), Emily of New Moon type shows etc. And for goodness sakes MNTV please re-try the novela again and don’t let Hollywood get you. Anyway why not have shows that people actually want to see. The fact that you see so many fan films showing adventure and hope which is opposite of these depressing we all suck, humans are the dreggs of the world and universe crap is because most people that want to see that mess or even feel that way. So lets make shows that not only we would want to see, but our kids etc. Not hey my neighbor might not like this or might like that. Okay your damn neighbor. I’m sorry, but I look at what I would want to see on tv or what my kids or yes getting poll of what others are interested in seeing etc. but at the end of the day it being about what you the producer etc. would be interested in. Reason why I love the Grey’s Anatomy creator. She stated that she doesn’t write for fans. She creates her shows based on what she would be interested in watching after watching tv when her child was born. She said she was like who wants to see this. She got in there and did it. We all know that these damn polls and whatnot don’t represent what most of the population actually thinks or wants. With Smallville in it’s last season we are going to be stuck with a bunch of teen dramas. I do like the new Cheer show. Frankly I think CW needs to bring in new types of dramas and sitcoms. The whole purpose of UPN, WB, now My Network TV and CW and cable as well were so that new tv shows could be made or even brought back that couldn’t be on major networks. Problem is that never happened. Now all we have is Dawson’s Creek/Felicity etc. in constant remake mode. This crap has even infiltrated the majors. I mean Freaks and Geeks and My So Called Life were way better teen shows then the hot mess that’s on CW and the teen shows on now. I remember as a teen hating DC because it didn’t reflect anything about teens. Most of the teens I knew couldn’t relate. Most of the time it was adults watching the show. Most kids were watching shows like 24-7 or Degrassi (the original and later the new). When I would show teens the Tribe many impressed and became hooked. Same with 24-7. Then when they tried to watch DC it was like torture. The fact that many of these shows have a hard time on the CW. One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl etc. (which were having a hard time with ratings) is because people are sick of it. I also don’t want to get on shows like Lost (which was just Amazon, remember that show?) and yes I loved Lost, but do we need hyper overarching story lines all the damn time? We take great concepts and go overboard with them. These producers need to look at JMS and Babylon 5. You could not watch that show in a while and still get back into it even with the arch. (like I said don’t want to get into this yet)

Honestly I don’t have a problem with the Andromedas, Starhunters, , Relic Hunters (Veritas (came out later I think), loved that treasure hunting show with Michael Bean, Cleopatra 2525, Jack of All Trades, Lazarus Man’s, (which was great. Canned the show because Robert Ulrich had cancer even though he said he could still do it.) Lonesome Dove which got jacked up but hey, Highlander, Forever Knight. Okay now I’m just getting depressed. They don’t all have to be scifi, fantasy or action adventure.

I’m a big proponent of us doing series on the net, net tv, but my biggest goal is for us to be on broadcast tv. Use the net to get us started.

Another thing and this is vital. We have to learn to be steadfast even when others want us to go with what they are saying. I might not like the New BSG or Caprica, but I have to respect Ron Moore for sticking to his guns with story lines even when fans complained because a storyline wasn’t going the way they wanted. Anders for example he kept in as a love interest for Starbuck even when others questioned what he was doing. I like that. Many cave in and stop a storyline, because the producers get nervous based on what some fans maybe saying. Yau’ll know why I’m brining this up!

Also please do just like you would when studying film by watching old movies, international etc. Watch old tv shows international etc. and stop turning up noses because a show is old or from another country. I think one of the biggest problems is that writers, directors etc. aren’t studying old tv shows. It’s like everyone keeps trying to reinvent the wheel, because they never studied the damn wheel in the first place.


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