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Tyler Perry and His Effects on Black Women, America and the World As A Whole

Posted by bwmm on August 20, 2010

Tyler Perry has an F. U. attitude with Hollywood, but he also seems to have the same attitude with black women and black people in general as well.

Courtney Young “Perry’s films typically follow the same timeworn narrative: a woman experiences abandonment and/or abuse at the hands of a “bad” man; she takes umbrage, lashing out at those closest to her, most notably a “good” man in her life; she experiences a revelatory moment of change; and she ends the film settled down with the good man who promises her a better life.”

The bad men typical in these films are successful black men, while the good men are the so-called reformed convicts (never mind what these men might have gone to jail for or what was happening with other men up in those jails) There is nothing wrong with doing a film like Diary of a Man Black Woman etc., but when it becomes a pattern we need to worry. Now yes white and other groups have the stories of the rich man whose a straight up ass (yes I said the A and the good guy is the loveable poor boy. Sometimes the girl is rich and the boy is poor and sometimes they come from the same class as in Rangeela (the famous actor guy was pretty cool, nice guy, but she realizes she is in love with her best friend) But most of the time this is not the case. They don’t do this all of the time. Nor are wealthy or educated men and women seen as evil. I won’t even get into The Family that Preys.

Is Tyler Perry The Right Man to Tell Black Women’s Stories

As for Tyler Perry telling stories of the Black Woman’s experience, because he was raised by his mother etc. Please! He’s telling the black woman’s experience, because he knows that it’s mostly black women who support his films and other movies and plays coming from the black community. Remember that movie Diary of a Tired Black Man? He uses the excuse of I’m telling these types of stories, because that’s what I know. Seriously? He is seriously telling us that’s the only experience he has? I mean he’s a grown man so that means he has new experiences coming at him everyday. If he isn’t getting new experiences then he needs to go out there and get some.

When I first started seeing Tyler Perry plays it was cool. Yes they were fun, but not great. I mean you could come home and not really remember what it was about. I would say to others you know it’s really not that good, just fluff when you think about it. Nothing bad about that, but really just gimmicks and jibs to make everyone laugh.   Many would say and still say (even with comedic movies) that they laughed all the way through. Most have  a so what with that.   I mean yeah I like to see the laugh all the way through sometimes, but give me a damn story.  Me personally I don’t want to pay $10 or more to see a movie or just so I can say I laughed all the way through, but when I look back the film had no damn story.

This also goes for some of David E. Talbert’s plays. I remember a play when a woman asked her live-in boyfriend if he wanted to marry her or was ever going to and he said no yelled NO!. as in I don’t want you. Then magically at the end it’s all about how when he was growing up he saw crap marriages and didn’t want to have that with her. Bull fraking ish. I have learned from many women in my life that what a man says (not always) or does he means. When he told her that he never wanted to marry her she should have just left it at that and left.

As stated by a writer at FreshXpress “I don’t want this to sound like I’m hating on a successful black entertainer. The truth is, I respect and admire his hustle, but I can’t stand what he’s selling.”

Now don’t get me wrong I do have respect for the man. He has an F. U. attitude with Hollywood and created a market for AA’s with his plays, movies and tv series. He now has a studio. But he really needs to let others write and direct these films. He used his fame from his plays and his money to do what he wanted to do. That’s cool, but showing us as being bitches if we are wealthy or educated or the that’s what you get for marrying an educated rich lawyer (as in Diary of a Man Black Woman) or the Family that Preys crap.

The sad thing now is that we have these damn clones whether of the same budget as TP films or cheap like Not Easily Broken, He Who Find a Good Wife or Outrighteous. I have the trailers for these up in a previous post. So I most def am not going to re-post this. You also have movies with questionable Christian values in order to sale it to this particular audience. I remember one movie where the guy tries to imply to the woman that because she isn’t a virgin and he has already been married that the whole no sex before marriage thing doesn’t apply. I was like WTH. So because she isn’t a virgin means it’s silly of her to wait to have sex with him even though they only had just started dating. And get this yau’ll the man is supposed to be the new minister of the church her father is the minister of (he was sick and the younger minister has to take over) Even other black viewers took issue with this as well as other movies. I kept thinking wake up. These movies are exploiting you to get you to say oh it’s Christian or has a Christian slant. This dude had to let everyone in the movie know he was a Christian with almost every word he used. I was like please dude seriously.

We have to remember that these images influence not only us and our young, but what others think about us or perceive us. It ain’t right, it ain’t fair, but it is what it is. Plus it is so-called doubly authentic, because it’s someone black making it. Like the minstrel shows that used black minstrel performers in black face.

I know others get mad because “gasp” there is a black person that publicly states they don’t like or support another black artist, politician etc. So the hell what. We shouldn’t support someone just because we share the same skin. Yes maybe give the person a chance. See what they are all about, but if you see what they are all about and you don’t agree then bounce. You do not have to be loyal to someone, because of a resemblance to you.

This is also why and I can’t state this enough; we need to make our own films. We need to do what TP is doing and produce, direct, write, cast our films the way we see fit. We need no must put the images out there of us that we want people to see. We have the power let’s wield it.


7 Responses to “Tyler Perry and His Effects on Black Women, America and the World As A Whole”

  1. LEECEE said


  2. boomer babe said

    We DO need to make our own movies: I saw a tv show(dont know what it was but a drama) that showed a mixed couple WM-BW most of the cops in it were women and the blk womens kid got taken away–it seems she married a white guy who wasnt on her level and she dropped out or school becase she wanted to be a mom. She had business experheience too. The movie showed that the WM couldnt support them and she had an abortion. (its tricky but it makes those couples look bad) the WM didnt know about it, etc.

    • bwmm said

      Oh did you see the Law and Order ep where the coach killed a student, because the student found out that the coach had it for the mother of one of the black students on the basketball team (I think, can’t totally remember). I was like you have an IR story and it’s jacked up, but then I’d noticed that a lot on tv and even some movies. I do think BWE blogs are helping.

      Yes we need to make our own movies/tv shows or at least be executive producers, producers of shows, also those who finance the movie (cause who has the money has the power, like those who put the project together (producer, they get the money), so do advertisers (maybe get on that game too)

  3. Sky said

    I want to add to the fact of not only producing our movies, but to be very selective of roles bw are playing. Just because they ask for a bw to play a certain role, doesn’t mean you have too. This is why I’ve always loved Zoe Saldana and Halle Berry because they play roles that were intended for white women. Why do you think Will Smith and Denzel Washington can star in action packed films like wm can? They are not sitting down waiting on the next tyler perry film to give them a chance. Bw actresses need to do the same. I see that Taraji P. Henson is starting to go the Halle and Zoe route. She herself said that she couldn’t just sit down and wait on another tyler perry film.

    I look at actresses like Nia Long, Sanna Lathan, Angela Bassett who all could have had their own starring role as opposed to playing the same role over and over again. How many times do I have to see Angela play a single harding working mother who gets no love (expect Meet the Browns). How many times do I have to see Nia Long play a woman who doesn’t want committment but she’ll sleep with a man and get no happy ending? How many times do I have to see Sanna play a “strong single successful” bw who doesn’t trust men and her guard is constantly up (that includes “something new” as well. I’m tired of seeing it!

    I hope all of you are watching or at least supporting Jada Pickette’s show “Hawthrone”, she couldn’t have put us in a better light, with a love interest. I can’t tell you how IR/open minded this show is! And the season ends this Tuesday! =(. I want bw to open up and create their own films/shows their own way with no apologies or trying to make the BC feel comfortable in their love seats at 9pm. Tell your story or your fantasy! Not all of us came from a home where we can’t trust men or someone abused us. Some of us are actually living healthy happy lives!

    • bwmm said

      Actually what is interesting is that I read an article on Deliver Us from Eva. The screenwriter wrote the film like it was a vehicle for Actors/Actresses like Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant etc. This helped Gabriel Union become a known in Hollywood. Well that is according to the article. When you think about it, it makes sense as she had been in hordes of films prior and no one knew her except AA’s. Same goes with Terrance Howard. Hell Terrance Howard at one point swore of AA produced films, because they always wanted him to play the weed smoking best friend like his character Quentin in The Best Man. I just hope Gary Anthony Sturgis does the same thing. He’s a good actor with a noice voice (yeah I spelled nice like that on purpose).

  4. Patricia Kayden said

    Tyler’s okay with me. Some of his movies are hit or miss, but overall, I think he’s doing a great job. And yes, I agree with you that those who do not like his movies should make their own films. He’s not going to stop doing his thing, so just compete with him if his thing is not appealing to you.

    • bwmm said

      With that last flick I saw, if he’s going to be having singing or any musical style elements in his films he really needs to lengthen his movies. The singing took up way too much of the last film (yes I saw it)It was like the movie starts, singing, and then bam it ends.

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