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Make Our Own Damn Magazine!

Posted by bwmm on August 15, 2010

To see more of his photos check out his Facebook That dude has some mad skills. He might want to forget about Vogue and create his own magazine.

I first heard about this from Stylized Conclusions and at Betty Chambers

So many of you may have seen blogs and other websites mentioning the photos taken for a mock cover of Vogue. The photographer Mario Epanya did a photo shoot to sell the idea of Vogue Africa to Vogue. This didn’t happen, but the photography is stunning.

So what is a flip page you ask?
“Flip page refers to the effect of flipping through the pages of a digital document as if it was a physical document. A flip page application is often made in Adobe Flash and requires the Adobe Flash Player to run in a browser window. The benefit of having a flip page document is that it affords the user experience of reading an actual copy of a physical document or magazine. The technology is commonly used by traditional publishers that want to create (and spread) a digital version of their physical document/paper/magazine.

The illusion of having a tangible document on your computer is supposedly more powerful with the flip page function since it mimics the natural way of browsing through a physical document, yet at the same time allows the user to use the traditional electronic benefits like searching through a document, jumping to a certain page, links to external websites etc.”

These types of programs are so cool. You can actually flip pages as you would with a physical book or magazine.

I posted these at Betty Chambers during the discussion of the Vogue Africa photos

Barak Hosting
Fashion Tale
E Flip Zone

Uni Flip

E Pager Flip

Flip Seek Pubs

PDF Mags

Or this way

Virtual Instrument Magazine

I have fallen in love with YUDU I couldn’t view mags and books in Firefox (not sure if that’s every computer); then I brought up Chrome and it worked.

I found this as well. Smash Magazine

Re-post of what I posted at Betty Chambers
flash pdf magazine, flash magazine, Flash page flip magazine,

There is also a site selling magazine-templates (paperback)

Black women can most def take what this man has done and do it as well. Apply it to creating a magazine targeting black women.

I also have been looking for information on binding. It started because I wanted to find out how my art teacher bound our sketch books. Anyways that’s when I learned about Saddle Stich, Perfect Binding etc. From what I learned a lot of magazines are saddle stitch bound

or perfect bound (I’m still researching) All saddle stitch means is that it’s stapled. Perfect bound It’s glued no stitching (actual sewing) involved.  This is how paperbacks are made (I think pulp magazines) Video tutorials

Not a tutorial, but a book binding machine. Around 200 bucks I think. Anyways not bad.

Another machine

Oh and yes I did find a tutorial that resembled the bound sketch books our art teacher made for us for art class.


One Response to “Make Our Own Damn Magazine!”

  1. Aiyo said

    I know those covers are nice but we can’t look towards white people to give us a handout they are many fashion magazine based in Africa like Arise magazine which is good. We should suppourt our own instead of asking white people to include us so we can give them our money to tell us we are not beautiful.

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