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Web Soaps

Posted by bwmm on July 14, 2010

Web soaps The Aarons

Horrible People

Something to be Desired


Anyone But Me

This is not a web series, but a college or student produced college soap. The person I spoke to said that it was cheap to make, but most of that was because of the use of school etc.

Not a web series (well not sure though) Nobody’s Perfect Pilot
You won’t believe how cheap it was to produce

Table of Choices Production (gay themed soap/web series) produced pretty cheap

Not really a web series, but it’s no-low bud. Not the best prod values or acting

This Pilot is not meant as a web series, but pretty good

Palmetto (web series that didn’t quite make it. Teen soap)

Drama Queenz


Southern Comforts College produced soap

Another college produced soap Keane University Union

Lonely Ridge

Not a Web series just a clip

Again college produced (but I think more of an experiment. It’s an updated version of Dynasty. Actually pretty good)

Someone asked me If I knew of any African American produced web soaps. I have known of a few, but lost links to them, because my old comp crashed as well as this one and couldn’t find the shows I had. Anyways as I said before I am rarely impressed by web series now, because I’ve watched so many it takes a lot for me to be impressed.

The Proud and the Privileged not a perfect series, but it’s not bad. Article on the soap Ooh they actually have people over the age of 20. Frankly I liked High Rise better (not sure if it’s AA produced, but the prod values are da bomb) Anyways the series was picked up by a major tv network (think Fox, but can’t remember) I hope it lasts. Most web series don’t do well on network tv, because of their short format on the web.

Ahshe (AA Produced)


Diary of a Single Black Mom Robert Townsend


Not a A web series, but AA produced Love Always Charleston A Town East another one of his soap Operas

College produced soap

Again not web series, but
Wow how the state of soaps have changed.


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