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Want to Act? Then Just Do it Already!

Posted by bwmm on July 11, 2010

Wanna be the next Gabrielle Union? Zoe Saldana? etc. Wanna walk on the red carpet?

For the young girls out there what about Keke Palmer

If you want to act then well just act as the link below suggests for actors.

Take control cast yourself

I love this post. This is something I have said before and will say again. With the resources we have at our disposal today whether shooting on video or film there is no reason for black actors/tress to say they can’t get parts. Can’t get a part? Make one! I know it’s not as easy as all that, but well maybe it is. It will be hard work, but as I mentioned before Vivica A. Fox is using this method to make vehicles for herself. Like the author said his filmmaker friend can play any part he wants, because they are his films. He can be cast with anyone he wants, because again they are his films. He’s the producer, director, writer etc. You don’t have to be the director, writer etc. you could find others to work with if that’s something you that you don’t want to do. The power of the producer! These films whether shorts or features could be used as a reel that could help you find more work. Look at big movie stars in industry from Hollywood to Bollywood. You will notice that many of the bigger stars (especially those that had a hard time getting into the industry) will have some sort of producers role. This even goes with tv shows as well. Richard Dean Anderson and many other actors have been producers or have some sort of producer credit or even production companies that make vehicles for themselves. I ain’t mad at them. They didn’t wait for the work to come to them, they made the work come to them. Oh yes did you know that Michael Douglas got his start as a producer? He produced movies and even some tv eps for shows and that’s what helped him to rise in Hollywood. He produced a vehicle for himself Romancing the Stone he also was a producer for Made in America. Now who would have figured that one? Hollywood’s not like Bollywood you can’t use a famous parents name to get a leg up no matter how much it seems like kids do. Khari Ajene has been doing this for years. His movies may not look like high budget films etc., have the best acting etc. but he took the power and cast himself in his films We have no excuse why we are not up on the screen. I have know about this dude for years Didn’t really care for For Thy Love etc, but he gave himself the power to tell the stories he wants, cast who he wants etc. Now he has a web series that may not have the best acting, but is pretty good and is going for another season. Very few web series even make that. Here is a scene from one of his movies As mentioned before Stephanie Okereke made a film in which she starred. These people not only had the power to tell their stories, cast themselves, but also the power to cast who they wanted. Might not always happen that way (others might intervene with bigger prods (haven’t gotten that far myself) but you still have more power than those who are waiting for a chance. Want to walk on the red carpet. Make your own damn red carpet. Start small get those shorts on YT, Revver, Blip, Megavideo, public access etc. even your no budget features for learning. Then get those films on video or even theatrical if you can. Start on video and go to film if you want. Anyway you have the power! Wield it already!

Books I have own, checked out, and have read.

Short Films
Moviemaking Course: Principles, Practice, and Techniques: The Ultimate Guide for the Aspiring Filmmaker
Chris Patmore
Filmmaking for Teens: Pulling Off Your Shorts Troy Lanier (directed at teens, but good for adults as well)
Making a Winning Short: How to Write, Direct, Edit, and Produce a Short Film Edmond Levy
The Portable Film School: Everything You’d Learn in Film School D. B. Gilles

Power Filmmaking Kit Jason Tomaric (also shorts)
Feature Filmmaking at Used-Car Prices Rick Schmidt (mostly focus on film) He also wrote Extreme DV at Used-Car Prices
Digital Filmmaking 101: An Essential Guide to Producing Low-Budget Movies Dale Newton Jr and John Gaspard they as well have an original version that focuses on film Persistence of Vision
From Reel to Deal: Everything You Need to Create a Successful Independent Film Dov S-S Simens
Rebel without a Crew: Or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood Player Robert Rodriguez

Learning about filmmaking
Voice and Vision: A Creative Approach to Narrative Film and DV Production Mick Hurbis-Cherrier

I have other books like Filming the Fantastic, Film Directing Fundamentals, Directing actors etc, but I’m not going to post those yet.


4 Responses to “Want to Act? Then Just Do it Already!”

  1. You probably may have checked it, but your old blog site is cached by Google.

    This will bring up your old sites:

    I hope that helps.

    By the way, good topic. I see a lot of clips on YouTube where the film quality is quite high, and it’s simply people spouting off. I think some of the folks who make the web soaps would be doing themselves a favor investing a higher quality HD camera.

  2. I love the spirit of this post! (Sisters have to start ‘doing it for themselves’)
    I specify “sisters” because the men seem to be ahead of us on this front. They are out there writing, producing and making a living/name for themselves.

    I recently decided to take their cue by writing (still in the process) my movie “Them or Us” and since I don’t know any industry people, getting out there and finding my audience and allies from the start. As I like to say just because I don’t know any powerful Hollywood people does not make me powerless.

    P.S. I am also a big proponent of quality (writing, production, acting, etc.) b/c most people don’t like to watch low quality anything. We should always put our best foot(material) forward – be it shorts, webisodes, features, etc. If you can’t do something well you can team up with those who can or hone your skills because if what you have is good it’ll surely rise to the top!

  3. scificrazy said

    Been a while, but love this post! I want to see Through the Glass. I read a post back where you posted this and someone commented on it looking low-budget, community movie (what is a community movie). Now low maybe even no as I don’t know the budget or even micro might suffice. Most indie films won’t look like what you would see coming out of the theaters. I would definitely encourage filmmakers to watch many no/low/micro budget indie films. Also look for films shot guerilla style.

    I am most def in agreement with the camera, but remember not to get to focused on the camera. It’s what you do with it. Lighting it like film etc. Mostly remember sound. Sound gets the least attention and the film suffers. Believe me people will watch a no/micro/low budget guerilla style looking movie. Our eyes adjust to images, but not our ears to hearing. So if your sound is complete crap; your fill will become crap.

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