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Good TV Making Comeback Online!!!!!!

Posted by bwmm on June 28, 2010

Man just when I think I can’t be impressed by a new web series brings me back. The new science fiction space series Frontier Guard is the freaking A BOMB! I love Rob Caves he produces great fan series such as Star Trek: Hidden Frontier When I first watched Hidden Frontier I fell in love with the series. Here was a fan produced video series that even though it was fan produced and didn’t have the budget of Hollywood produced Star Trek they made you feel like you were watching a tv series that would be on a major network. I mean they had opening and ending credits the same as any tv series. The were also lengthy or around the same time as a network tv series. Not once did I feel like I was watching a fan produced series. Yes there are some flaws especially when you look at the earlier eps compared to the new, but he mos def dared to go where no Trek ever would or could. Now he has a new series Frontier Guard. The eps are shorter, but I get the same feeling with this series that I did when I first discovered HF. I watched it at Vimeo. I know it’s good when both kids and adults can enjoy the series. I love those types of shows. They can be serious and fun at the same time. This series is one of those.

Pilot at Vimeo
Pilot at Youtube

Yeah it looks Trek (plus I remember some of the cast from Hidden Frontier as well as other fan produced trek), is produced with green screen (and good at that), but you feel like you would be watching this on CBS. Hell the Sci-Fi (refuse to call that channel SYFY) ain’t got nothing on this. These people along with James Cawley with Star Trek New Voyages (aka Phase II) are putting the Sci-Fi Channel to shame in my book.

Now if only the people at Impulse would bring Starship Akuno as a web series that will make my day.


4 Responses to “Good TV Making Comeback Online!!!!!!”

  1. torgoman said

    I was impressed.

    The writing is strong enough to emphasize characterization and plotting over technobabble and special effects. Not crazy about the big bad shadowy corporation. They don’t seem like much of a threat. Don’t know what direction they’re taking the Ark. Is it an ancient computer/space vessel that’s gained self-awareness? Or does it have mystical elements too, like the wormhole in DS9?

    My favorites are Kellogg, Pills and Campbell. At first I thought I’d hate Pills. I called her Cadet Elle Woods. But she works, maybe because she can act.

    Kasper got much better as the show went along. But some of the cast just sort of bug. Maj. Strayteb and the Aquari woman who acts like she wants to have hate sex with the famous war hero both deliver their lines in this affected manner I find distracting. Dr. Warrick is an interesting character, but the actor playing her sometimes comes off more like a dominatrix than a cold, scheming scientist. The actor playing the officer in charge of the Ark could do more with the material. That character has the potential to be an interesting contrast to Dr. Warrick.

    But I’m interested to see where this will go.

  2. Ciderkiss said

    Has anyone watched Sliders!? Now that is one great show. (that eventually gone bad.)

  3. I have checked out their stuff. I found it by accident earlier this summer. Saw the one with George Takei in it. It was cute enough!! Enjoyed it.

    Feel free to email me.

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