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Don’t Be Messence! Lets Do Better! Make Some Stars!

Posted by bwmm on June 27, 2010

If anyone remembers my Direct to DVD Goldmine for African American Filmmakers post I mentioned a way to promote movies that are straight to video as well as stars etc. I seriously want to try something like this out. I have been thinking about creating a ring of web magazines using online/offline etc. personalities, features whatever and using this as a way to see if such a venture would work. These people cannot be hugely famous people such as Denzell Washington, Julia Roberts, Zoe Saldana etc. They have to be someone who is basically unknown or someone what known. Maybe an internet personality or offline or maybe someone on the up and coming from indie films or small films not necessarily indie. We can even do the whole star making thing that the old Hollywood studio did with its stars. This would really just be an experiment. I would also like to try this with an offline mag as well, but don’t know if it’s feasible. Problems with the online one is the pics one would get for the stars/movies etc. as we couldn’t have photo shoots like the biggies do it. You can promote indie films, low-budget non indie, web series etc.

Okay so I’m looking for mags styles from Vogue to People Maybe even a Hollywood Reporter Type. Don’t really want a TMZ type or if there is one something that won’t hurt said person. Maybe even a Seventeen or Bop style for the kiddies. And here is the clincher these people ideally should or hopefully agree to partake in this experiment.

I also have other ideas like fan sites etc. Like I said earlier talk show types radio and video. They could be online or offline. Forums or going to forums and mentioning the series, movies, star etc. and having a discussion getting others who don’t know who said person, movie etc. is interested.

Now I’m not good with the magazine writing myself so those interested in writing please tell me. Those interested in doing something like this comment in the comment section. Have any ideas comment in the comment section. Pass this on.


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