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Black Flight Hits Detroit

Posted by bwmm on June 14, 2010

Black Flight Hits Detroit
Black flight from Detroit meets black flight from Dallas
Black flight’ the new ‘white flight’ in Detroit?

It’s so sad it’s gotten this far.

You know when I head a long time ago about Detroit’s empty houses/ abandoned buildings I thought what a great way to make movies with cheap/free And sure enough a series called InZero utilized this very thing. Hell I thought that about Harlem. A black film industry/Video etc. could have started there as well. Oh well.

Most places though would probably look horrible as it doesn’t take long for an abandoned building to start decaying and falling apart

Well at least they could be used to make some horror They won’t have decayed for nothing. Now they can be used to scare the crap out of viewers. I mean why not use the creepiness of them anyway?

Think about it this way a film industry could be created there and you (probably pretty soon) won’t have to worry about neighbors and other citizens upset about the filmmaking going on there ala Jacksonville I know I know lots of
“Plan 1: Squat in one of these amazing abandoned Detroit homes. Detroit’s real estate market has been decimated so completely that the median home price there has fallen to $18k, and an increasing number of people are fleeing the city center and moving outwards.

It’s a sad fact that real estate is all about location, location, location, because any one of these homes would fetch $500k plus in an historic Austin neighborhood. Since I’ll never be able to afford to buy one of those, I imagine that I would enjoy playing house in a ramshackle Victorian, Craftsman, or even a crumbling farmhouse, while blissfully ignoring the hoopty whips, potholes and plywood doors all around me. Beggars can’t be choosers, right?”

Many people see the cheap location/home and don’t realize the danger. I just have to say let other folks fix up these buildings fix them up etc. because we all know in a few years they will leave. Or by the homes fix them up and you have a location. Just think of the locations filmmakers could have and the industry filmmakers could create with this opportunity.

So okay the abandoned school building here couldn’t be shot on the inside, but the outside wouldn’t be too bad.

I know I have weird ideas. Yeah I’m geeky. Mostly just

I do know filmmakers who love to find abandoned buildings to film their shorts, feature, or whatever they are making.


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