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Want Power Create Your Own

Posted by bwmm on June 11, 2010

Hollywood was created by quess who! Independent filmmakers wanting to get out from under the thumb of Edison. Make no joke Edison was a hard ass.
From Independent Filmmakers to Creators of the Studio System

“Resistance to the Edison Trust
Main article: Edison Trust
The roots of independent film can be traced back to the major filmmakers (khadz) in the 1900s who resisted the control of a trust called the Motion Picture Patents Company or “Edison Trust.”

The Motion Picture Patents Company, founded in December 1908, was a trust of all the major film companies (Edison, Biograph, Vitagraph, Essanay, Selig, Lubin, Kalem, American Star, American Pathé), the leading distributor (George Kleine) and the biggest supplier of raw film, Eastman Kodak.

At the time of the formation of the MPPC, Thomas Edison owned most of the major patents relating to motion pictures, including that for raw film. The MPPC vigorously enforced its patents, constantly bringing suits and receiving injunctions against independent filmmakers. Because of this, a number of filmmakers responded by building their own cameras and moving their operations to Hollywood, California, where the distance from Edison’s home base of New Jersey made it more difficult for the MPPC to enforce its patents.[1]

The Edison Trust was soon ended by two decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States: one in 1912, which canceled the patent on raw film, and a second in 1915, which cancelled all MPPC patents. Though these decisions succeeded at legalizing independent film, they would do little to remedy the de facto ban on small productions; the independent filmmakers who had fled to Southern California during the enforcement of the trust had already laid the groundwork for the studio system of classical Hollywood cinema.”

Before Hollywood the film industry was emerging in Florida during the silent era. It didn’t workout. I will post on this in the next post, because it is beneficial for AAs to learn about being that many films from this industry were geared towards us.


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