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Your Right to Privacy Has Flown the Coup!

Posted by bwmm on June 8, 2010

The Net Where everyone Not only Knows your name, but where you live, how much you make, who you kids are. Your whole life and everything about you and what you do and have done on display

Want Your Whole Life Out there For All to See

Sites like Spokeo are dangerous. Snopes on Spokeo Not only are sites like these invading our privacy and the right to privacy they are also putting peoples lives in danger. Telling strangers how to look up someone through email or even their names (not bad totally I mean we have white pages online etc.), but to tell people not only where someone lives, but how to get to their house a pic of their house or a pic of that person. They even have list the square footage, how much you make, who lives in your house etc the names and all. Some of the info may even be inaccurate. With people losing jobs over what they say on Facebook or other sites or even the sites they frequent there really needs to be laws to prevent sites like these. I don’t mind googling a username I’ve used, but having my address etc. or anything else splashed with that is too much. What is it with us and wanting to know everyone’s ish. You know there were those that warned what the citizens do to celebrity will eventually happen to us. We wanted to always be in those peoples business. People patronizing gossip papers and mags like TMZ and shows etc. and now the chicken has come to roost and people don’t like it. We seriously need to respect peoples right to privacy like we want them to respect ours. I’m going to have to check into sites like Hide My Ass. Well at least the young are starting to realize the consequences of talking too damn much. Really! I shouldn’t tell my friends, family and total complete strangers my damn business? Really you mean not everyone even those close need to know what’s going on with me? I like shouldn’t totally tell everyone I know and complete strangers that I have won the lottery (which in some states you have to give out your name, state, town, and pick even be on tv. What if someone doesn’t want all the publicity?)Wow! that is so like totally new to me. Are we serious here? My mom let me know what’s up real quick when I told her business when I was younger. She taught me not to tell everyone about myself. Hell I learned as a young child (mom worked I started staying at home alone at 9 years old) I had the damn sense to never tell those who call that you are alone. Tell them your mom is sleeping, shower, pulling her teeth out, anything, but you are home alone. If someone comes to the door look out the peep-hole don’t say anything and let the door bell ring. Eventually they will get a clue and leave. I don’t even pick up the phone after I told a guy (must have been an idiot) that my mom was busy and couldn’t come to the phone and the fool had the gall to get mad and try to talk down to me (now any grown up ass person should know that if a kid keeps telling you mom is busy hang up the damn phone. Kid’s probably alone etc.) After that I didn’t pick it. Up. I see folks run to the phone like it’s the end of the world if they miss a call a guy they like made or a cousin called etc. like they can’t call I just let the phone ring. It’s not like it’s going to kill the person to wait for you to call back. And if they are in danger or it’s an emergency their ass should have said something on the answer machine. I look at it like this if you don’t answer the answering machine it wasn’t that important in the first place. But maybe that’s just me I guess.

A potential college student was denied admission to a school, because of what he said about the school online


You know this would make for a good movie ala 1984 or use it maybe get a real life story of a woman, family etc. that were harassed because the person was able to find them on the net.
Scary ain’t it!!!


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