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Direct to DVD Goldmine for African American Filmmakers?

Posted by bwmm on May 20, 2010

Yeah cheesy and didn’t really like two can play that game, but I have major respect for Vivica, because she started producing giving herself not only the power to cast herself and others, but to create her own movies and make a profit too.  Same for the prince and me 2, but I did think this movie was cute like the original.  Star Quest is a bad Star Trek clone and it doesn’t pretend not to be.  It’s fun, but then again I like bad sci-fi.  Don’t get me on unintentional comedic horror films.  Anyways this movie is more of an inspiration for doing cheap sci-fi and later something bigger.    Just warning you  I would also like to mention a.k.a. Nothing wrong with starting off in the no-bud arena with sci-fi

The New Black Cinema

It’s a Rap

Straight-to-video more than a dumping ground

Black filmmakers move into the spotlight Isn’t it interesting how some knew that the spurt of black movies in the early 90’s would turn out to be a trend same as the blaxploitation films (or black films movement). It lasted about 5 years and I think the same for the early 90’s trend. Maybe more, maybe less. But it just goes to show that we won’t get anywhere without owning our own industry. People need to study the race films era. Now yes many of these films didn’t have the greatest sets or effects, fight scenes etc. as their Hollywood counterparts, but mostly it was run by black filmmakers. Now yes some white etc. as well and Hollywood too, but mostly it was black run.

We need to start distribution companies that we own and control.

I have no problem with straight to video/dvd, direct to dvd etc. movies. I think this is a route we should have gone a long time ago. We should have been there right with those porn filmmakers (yes I said porn) when they started distributing their movies through video. They realized the power of the Betamax (which was way better than the vhs), VHS A.K.A. home video market and were right. This also goes with the cheesy and not so cheesy straight to video movies that came out during those early days as well. We also should have utilized the new DVD market when it came about, but many were still on the high and mighty about straight to video. I will never understand why black people make things harder by following the mainstream. They can complain about video being lowly as they had multiple movies for one thing and ways to distribute them. As I said before if Spike Lee or John H or any big black filmmaker had started making straight to video movies I believe others would have followed. We might have something like V-Cinema now they can have some baddies too. I’ve always thought highly of movies that are made for tv and video that are treated like they are films being made for theatrical release. Movies like Soul of the Game etc. Hell we would probably have different genres, because of the market filmmakers would have to expand their horizons.

Now I love film and yes would rather chose that than video, but again we should have been the first to hit the video making bandwagon when it first hit and maybe even before that.  Video wasn’t so hot looking in the past, but some high pro cams did actually make some pretty good-looking movies.

We could have sites or magazines like this one that reviews straight to video movies I have been thinking about an experiment of creating offline and online magazines as a way to promote stars to see if it would work (yes I have some weird  Using online and offline tv to create talk shows or news type shows to promote stars, movies, producers, directors, singers etc. At the Movies The Indie Media Show Maleena Lawrence Show to see how it would work out. Also creating sites like Haitian Movie Database Internet Movie Database I have also been thinking about tv series similar to Ed Sullivan (old school I know) or some time of show that is variety after taking TV Production 1. These old school variety shows had music, interviews, comedy, some had movie clips etc.

We have the power to make a venue deemed lowly to one of respect.  This is a trip, but exactly why straight to video is looked down upon 15 Ludicrous Straight-To-DVD Sequels There’s nothing wrong with these sequels going straight to video/dvd.  Some of those sequels shouldn’t have even been made in the first place (but why wouldn’t they want to cash in).  If it is going to be at least be some campy  but to have sequels to movies that audiences loved and then make crap versions of them is just ludicrous.

Frankly I would love for someone to remake I Am Legend (take out those damn cgi creatures.  Last Man on Earth and Omega Men were way better even if they were considered b-films)  Well there was that version by The Asylum I Am Whew!

Later I will make a post on The Asylum movies and why people shouldn’t be pissed or hate Asylum for how they make movies.  They are in a business of making money.  I have no problem with that same with Maverick and other similar companies.  People act as if the way the Asylum makes its movies is something new.  Most of the people (mostly kids) obviously didn’t live through the 80’s with its Conan, Star Wars, Mad Max clones. lol  I’ve been looking for no/low-budget sci-fi, horror, fantasy, action, romance etc. movies.


One Response to “Direct to DVD Goldmine for African American Filmmakers?”

  1. >>Frankly I would love for someone to remake I Am Legend (take out those damn cgi creatures.

    Amen. I was looking at those things, thinking: “Come on now.” Dawn of the Dead with Ving Rhames was funny / scary / hilarious. At least they had the sense to use real people as zombies.

    You are so thorough! Independent black film have existed since Oscar Micheaux. I think part of the reason there are these spurts with black film making is that once in a blue moon there will be a successful Tyler Perry / Spike Lee type. However, instead of staying independent a big check, or competition, from the studios comes along, milking the formats they create dry, and soon you don’t see much coming along the pike.

    I love Vivica Fox. She’s smart to do her own thing.

    I would encourage you, when you get the chance, to turn over parts of this blog into a book. It’s very good.

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