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Black Women Get an FU Attitude Today!

Posted by bwmm on May 6, 2010

Now I’m not advocating being a b, but we really need to start asking others what are you doing for me? What Have you done for me? This goes with people, companies as well as industries. Hollywood just gets me. We need to take a lesson from Hispanics with their shows and do the same. Why is it that Hollywood who knows that although the hispanic population is rising there aren’t as many as wp? Of course these shows will be cheaper. And further more notice how these channels aren’t listening to them anyway. I looked at some of the imdb for actors and some of their resumes have them listed as non-union. I have also seen some of their resumes as other sites as well as their own homepages. Why would these television station owners/producers and especially the actors listen to an industry that barely casts them in anything except to be the bad guys or some crap stereotype? I don’t get why they are upset when Hollywood wouldn’t cast most of these actors anyway. Hollywood thinks they are scaring people, but these actors know they have a place to go. There’s also the Spanish video market which is originally where Robert Rodriguez intended for his feature film El Mariachi to be distributed. Just imagine if they created their own theater system. When many do play stereotypical roles they use that money to either make their own movies or as Tony Plana from Ugly Betty (start a theatre company for Latino actors (or as a way that the younger generation doesn’t associate being Latino with being in the hood or gangsta). Hollywood would be complaining, but again these people wouldn’t care, because they are running their own thing. So in essence there is a another tv/movie industry out there.

This is what happened with the My Network TV Telenovelas. The prices skyrocketed because they started going union.

Black people women need to get this insight as well. We seriously need a FU attitude. Stop letting people/Hollywood browbeat us. Most of the time they don’t even cast us or have us in good roles, but want to dictate what we should be in or not be in or who we would cast or not cast etc. Like I said those actors know they have a place to go so they act in those tv shows and do just fine, because there’s going to be another one after they are finished with the former. This is why I believe black Americans need to start having our own affiliated (not just single cable) channels. Something we control. Same for a theatrical distribution system. I wish we would have that FU attitude.

Frankly it’s just about money notice how they are talking about telenovelas (which have always been big) are rising etc. They just want a piece of the pie and like most groups (unlike us) ask well what have you done or are you doing for me? (

This sort of relates to what Khadija and what she says about black people and their future interactions other people of color (who will have a we have no obligations to you etc.) or a FU fix your own problems mentality. This is what I think Hollywood will see in a few years and rightly so. And I can see in the near future other groups starting industries here. Nigerian Americans are already making movies within the U. S. it’s only a matter of time, before they have a viable industry within the U. S. Same with Indian Americans and so on. I believe they will have a FU what have you done for me and mine or are doing for me and mine? We seriously need to get an FU attitude.


3 Responses to “Black Women Get an FU Attitude Today!”

  1. scificrazy said

    This reminds me of the white clothing designers who were upset with Michelle O for not wearing their clothing even though many of these same designers don’t or won’t even use black models.

  2. boomer babe said

    Have you noticed that many novelas don’t have dark black people? there very colorstruck even worse than the blacks here-It also seems possible they could have a separate marked because they speak SPANISH. Blacks are the only minority that speaks english exclusively, even ‘jive’ is in english. even native americans have a separate language

    • bwmm said

      Yes I have. But as I have said and Khadija other groups do not owe us any favors. We want to see ourselves on the big or small screen then we need to be the ones making the movies, shows etc. And no there are black latinos, french etc. Many cultures especially people of color have color issues. India’s has been going on for around 2k years or more. The thing is we have to position ourselves in roles of power. Like stated before Nigerian’s run Nollywood (they do get financing from other peoples), but they greenlight their own movies. Many also went out of pocket to pay for films. The thing is they gave themselves to cast themselves, or others.

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