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Create a TV Series

Posted by bwmm on April 9, 2010

  Night Stalker the old forums have a sort of instructional on being a showrunner also check out now defunct, but it was a cool idea another similar site

Similar sort of like a tv network, but written (in french)

Web Series some are fan fic series Web Soap (they are now working on no/low-budget live action eps) web soap Similar to the idea with ASV.  With that I mean graphics etc.

If you want to check out more series go to

Archive web series (I remember when this was out and how cool it looked. 

They later worked on another

Anyways my point is I would like to make a web series.  And by that I mean a written series.  Not live-action or at least for the moment.  Just scripts that people would read on the net like the above sites.  Now I’m not going to lie I’m still learning screenwriting.  Been doing it off and on.  I want to create a sci-fi space series and also possibly a drama later on.  I already have a cast in mind for the sci-fi series and partly for a drama series idea.  I just well need a  I have vague ideas in my mind.  Is anyone else interested in doing this with me?  Also I wanted to suggest these sites for others wanting to do their own series. 

On the sci-fi series I want the series set in space of course they will go to other planets.  I want the feel of the original Battlestar Galatica, Andromeda, Space Rangers (which was cheesy when compared to B5 and DS9, just say this show came out at the wrong time) for the fantastical action adventure and hopeful feel mixed with Firefly (Blake’s 7 for our generation), Blake’s 7 (also for action adventure, but not as bleak), Captain Power, Starhunter and Starhunter 2300 (yes action adventure, but well written dramas without getting soapy).  I want this series to feel like a tv series that would be on the 4 majors (and possibly cancelled, because it’s just too good for The series would be for the whole family.  The stories could be told in a way kids can watch, but also in a way that adults can enjoy as well.  This could be a series for the whole family (without being silly, well some silliness even B7 had that).  I guess I’m looking for a little space opera that goes from cheesy to serious books, tv series and movies.

So basically I’ve been writing down series and movies to watch (mostly low-budget sci-fi space movies)

Star Trek, Babylon 5, Legend of the Rangers, Babylon 5 Crusade (forgot to add that in the above.  One of my fave shows), Firefly, Blake’s 7 (everyone seriously has to check out this series), Space Rangers, TOS Battlestar Galactica, Starhunter season 1, Starhunter 2300, Farscape, Andromeda (if you can find the originals with John Saxon) Power Rangers in Space (I know, I know, but it was in Space), The Starlost (now this show was freaking cool), Space 1999, The Interparis, Vega 4 and Phoenix 5 were all shows from Australia set in space, Space:  Above and Beyond, Mission Genesis (or Deepwater Black), Hypernauts, Space Cases, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, Space Cops

Outerworld, Star Quest: the Odyssey (not the greatest, in fact it’s cheesy bad just the way I like cheesy sci fi), Serenity, Can anyone tell me of movies set in space?  Especially low-budget cheesy ones?

Also looking for books that anyone could recommend based on the tone I want for the series.


5 Responses to “Create a TV Series”

  1. Wow. You are a true sci-fi woman.

    Farscape was very very interesting. Never saw all of it, but when I got to watch I was riveted.

    Would you blue or green screen the background? Or is that old school now? Do you know special affects? I ask out of curiosity. I know nothing of this field.

    It’s amazing how some people are able to create a high quality sci-fi film with a low budget. A guy on YouTube made an alien invasion film and it got him a couple of movie deals.

    • bwmm said

      Hell yeah!lol I went through a Space 1999 marathon on YT when I discovered the eps were online. I also watched a movie called Star Quest (which as I said is not that great. It’s sort of a super cheesy star trek clone)but I think it’s cool what was accomplished on a low-budget.

      It’s not going to be a visual produced series just written like the series at Readtv (defunct) and monster zero productions. Will have graphics though. Hopefully late I will be able to actually produce the series. That’s another reason why I am watching sci-fi shows and movies. I want to make sure they are producible. This really is mostly a learning thing. I have wanted to do this a long time, but have mostly put if off. Since Firefly is now on Netflix I can study the structure as well as the original TOS Star Trek on YT and Starhunter is on YT and netflix. If anyone knows where I can watch the series 3 and 4 episodes of Blake’s It wil be much appreciated.

      The next I want to do is a drama type series. I’ve been watching McLeoud’s Daughters non-stop. I’m now on season 5. Season 4 and 5 are okay, but not as good as 1-3 before one of the main original characters members was killed off. I do have to say I like Australian drama even when there is jacked up drama in a series they still have a hopefullness about them.

  2. bwmm said

    Themes and other music that inspire me

    Old School

    (not the actual theme, but created from the german theme of Captain Future)

    New School

    this one is only the theme for Starhunter 2300 with scenes, graphics etc.

    A big inspiration

    Another extended version

    The Song Kismet from Bond
    (it always made me think of Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon or something. Something sci-fi, but fantastical (if that is a a feeling of wonder.

    Love this band

  3. CreativeG said

    Girl you know the style you want. Cool. I check out the MZP site. That is too cool. That one I am going to get with.

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