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Need Talent for My PSA

Posted by bwmm on April 8, 2010

1)Fashion Police
2) Student PSA
3) PSA for fictional show in the style of What Not to Wear
4) A narrator
A young man or woman between 18-25 Need to wear white blouse/shirt and baggy pants (90’s hammer style) This person will be the person suffering from bad fashion
A young man and a young woman between 18-25 police costume a plus.

5)the project is non paying These two officers are the fashion police. They arrest those guilty of bad fashion.
6) It’s a 2 hour class project, but I will try to provide snacks.
Crew already provided
Shooting from 5:20-7:25 April 13th 2010
10) DV,
11) I will try to get talent a copy
13) willing to accept JPGs via email
14) Austin, Texas at Austin Community College Northridge Campus

I am also looking for a pair of 80’s/90’s style baggy pants in the style of MC. Hammer type of pants. This is student non paying gig. I would like those auditioning for narrator to send me an mp3.


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