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Short Film I Created for Film Class

Posted by bwmm on March 23, 2010

Didn’t direct, I created and helped write the story. Next project I”m directing. I learned valuble lessons during this short.


7 Responses to “Short Film I Created for Film Class”

  1. torgoman said

    Maybe it’s the makeup, but at first I thought the guy was a zombie. I expected him to eat the jogger.

    • bwmm said

      He is a zombie just not in the typical zombie horror movie type.

      • bwmm said

        Oh and I came up with the story about an year or so before this was shot while working at my job. I worked in filing and while I liked the job at first it started to suck after we got a new sytem. It was shot around April/May of 09.

    • Yeah, he was meant to look like a zombie…that’s what that type of work will do to you…that’s why it’s best to pick a line of work you love if you plan to be doing it for a long time.

      • bwmm said

        Actually I liked the job in the beginning then they did this whole new filing system and we ended up with a different management system (where we just did our own thing) and it got crazy.

  2. Funny.

    How long did it take to put together?

    • bwmm said

      It took around a week (well to shoot). We all had different schedules. The last scene I wasn’t there for because I was sick that Sunday.

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