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What’s Up With The TP Clones

Posted by bwmm on March 21, 2010


and from women no less.

A Good Man is Hard to Find, He who Finds a Wife, those awful Pastor Jones movies and countless others.  I mean seriously I know many are from Maverick so I expect low-budget.  Same with Asylum.  I come in knowing I”m going to get cheap scifi.  But seriously what’s up with the bad TP Clones.  I can’t take it no more.  Even the ones with higher budgets and production quality are pretty bad.   Frankly we don’t need to see anymore TP movies or at least the way they are right now.  How many Diary of a Mad Black Woman type clones do I need to see?  How Many Precious type movies do we really need.  We are letting others give out an image of us that teaches others how to perceive us.  I’ve seen better movies with the same budgets and many of these films.  Hell many of the films don’t even set up the story, the characters etc.  They just start you in drama.  Shouldn’t I get to know the people first

The section in bold was just added.

I have to add I have a weird love for low-budget sci-fi movies.  I loved MST3000.  I still remember the original show.  I know Asylum movies are bad sci-fi bfilms and that they are rip-off films, but that’s what makes it so much fun.  Who doesn’t realize that Asylum movies are cheap rip-offs of Hollywood  Seriously

As for Maverick I’m sort of the same way.  I have seen some of the low-budget fair.  I watched movies like A Miami Tail (time when I was just so happy black people were getting films out there).  A Miami Tail isn’t great, but how do we go from that to Pastor Jones (and I’m talking about the ones that are supposed to be around 1mill.).  And what the hell is up with the tired ass hip-hop style music as these urban (we all know means black) movies soundtrack?  I don’t know about you, but it makes the movie seem cheap.  It gives off the bfilm aura of movies like Deadly Outbreak etc.

I watched Pastor Jones movie and was like they spent 1mill on that?  I check out budgets on IMDB, Boxoffice Mojo, Mooviees.   I am weird I like to find out the budgets of movies.  I also learned from Dov Simens that budgets are exaggerated.  I know low-budget has its limits.  But please even Asylum (I have a weird love for the bad corny sci-fi, horror clones etc.) does better than that and their budgets are similar (they do have the access, because of being in Hollywood, but so apparently did the $1mill Pastor Jones)
But if a $1mill budget can only produce what I saw then what about a movie like Sweet Land.  That was a beautiful movie that was shot on a low-budget (and yes probably in Canada).  Well then lets mention Facing the Giants shot on a low-budget.  I’ve seen crap movies like Vampiyaz and seen better films shot for around the same budget.  I don’t get it.  I mean we cannot use that excuse when people with smaller budgets are making better movies.

The sad thing is Asylum has a christian film line just like Maverick.  They aren’t that great either remember they are Asylum, but they are loads better than the Maverick faith films (not a diss on Maverick, because I love what they are doing).  But as I said before if folks don’t realize that Asylum are rip-off films and damn proud of their  titles like Sunday School Musical, 2012: Doomsday (around the same time as 2012) .  Hell their version of War of the Worlds (AKA Invasion) came out around the same time as the Tom Cruise one and another WOW film.

Now on to movies Like Sweet Land.  I watched this movie I don’t know how many times after I first saw it.  I just fell in love with it.  I wanted to check out the budget.  Guess what it was 1mill.  1mill for a beautiful movie like this and we come up with Pastor Jones.   This also goes A Good Man is Hard to Find.  3mill and these jacked up dramas are what we come up with.  Damn come on people.  Where our Jane Austen style love stories even Shakespeare (but that stuff is jacked (A Miami Tail is an urban modern version of Lysistrata)  Where are our Diwale Dulhania Le Jayenges, K3Gs, where are our Kuch Kuch Hota Hais, It Happened One Night etc..  If we want historical type movies then what about movies like My Idol (Nollywood)?  Lets make some movies that aren’t jacked up love stories, depressing stories, that always show black women as downtrodden life is a struggle.  I am so sick and tired of it.  I really am.


8 Responses to “What’s Up With The TP Clones”

  1. torgoman said

    I’m starting to question if there are that many imaginative, creative writers out there to create the next Jane Austen love story. I think of all the technological advances in digital media that have improved special effects and made filming and editing movies easier. And yet writing (and the subsequent, necessary rewriting) is still very much an arduous process. Maybe that’s why there’s so many formula stories out there. Not that everything needs to be deep and complex, but I question if creating a solid plot, original characters and interesting dialogue is becoming a lost art. Special effects are impressive and there are some beautiful actors that are nice to look at; but nothing beats a well told story.

    There’s some interesting things being done online with web series. For instance, Very Mary Kate and even Sanctum are very low budget and almost entirely dialogue and character driven. And here’s another thing that I wondered about: Are there many web series with black lead characters? I would think a lot of aspiring black film makers, especially women wanting a positive or more varied portrayal of black women, would jump on this new media.

  2. bwmm said

    If you have netflix then check out Sweet Land. It’s a nice little film. If you don’t have nf then by all means look for a way to get the movie.

    I just watched The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (remember I have a weird love for scifi/horror b-films). It was made for around $750k and isn’t that bad. It’s crazy. (if you don’t like a little or a lot of gore then this might not be for you, because there is some.) But it shows what could be done with a low-budget.

  3. torgoman said

    Money is important, but having quality talent in front and behind the camera is important too. So I wonder what part networking plays in making a good low budget film. Watching the trailer, I wasn’t just taken by the look of the movie but also the number of well known, veteran actors. Not only did I see Alan Cummings, John Heard and Ned Beatty; but looking over the full cast list at I also recognized names like Paul Sand.

    This isn’t the first low budget independent movie that I’ve seen with seasoned actors. I’ve wondered if the people who make these little independent films have perhaps worked in stage and film for several years and made connections so when they have the chance to film a movie like Heartland they already have a network of quality crew members and actors they can call to come on location and work for minimum pay.

    Slightly OT: I heard about a website you and other aspiring filmmakers out there might be interested in called It allows artists to get in touch with potential donors to help fund creative projects. The film projects are shorts and about $10,000 or so. But I wondered if larger sums could be raised.

    • torgoman said

      Well, duh me. Looking down at the post about a black superhero series was a link to Sorry. Saw last night on television last night and that’s why I posted. Again: Duh me.

    • bgurrl said

      Many do a casting call or sign the movie with SAG low budget agreements depending on the budgets. To learn about this I would check out Dov S-S Simens Book From Real to Deal or his 2 Day Film School workshop. He has them on dvd as well. Learned a lot from them.

      • bgurrl said is another one. Kick Starter, Indie Gogo etc. are called crowdfunding. Pretty cool concept. I remember years ago when Broken Allegience was made based on donations so really it’s not a new concept, but it’s cool people made it a more solid product.

  4. kissofdanger said

    I thought I was the only one who likes cheap sci-fi flicks. I remember watching Stargate when it first came out. Now Jason Momoa is on there lord jeezus. This is why i support good low budget shows and movies because it is what you know not always who you know.

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