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I Will Not Tolerate Disrespect on My Blog

Posted by bwmm on March 21, 2010

Okay let’s get this shit right now.  And yes I’m saying shit not ish, because I”m pissed off.  I’m going to tell folks now who come up in my blog.  Don’t be telling me how to think, how I should think or what’s wrong with me.  I have my opinions you have yours.  If this blog ain’t for you.  If black women empowerment ain’t for you then please find another place that is.  And like a certain person I am not going to name it was it once this person said I was pathetic.  How dare this  person insult me on my own blog then think they have the right to comment.  Like I said if this blog ain’t for you then hop on to one that is.  BWMM don’t go for insults.  See ya, check ya later, adios.  I don’t have time for people coming in talking about damn theory that ain’t got us nowhere.  Don’t come in hear telling black women there is something wrong for wanting to empower black women and girls you better go somewhere else with that shit.

Coming on my blog and trying to derail a topic and when I comment on it then tell me you aren’t.  If I warn you about derailing a topic please show respect and get on to the topic at hand. 

That’s shit erks me the most. The idea that people can come in and tell black women that we shouldn’t work to empower black women when most of these people know they are empowering their own group. The idea that others can tell black women what they are seeing or not seeing and how we need to focus on all people when most people are not even worrying about us and our problems.  White people empower each other all the time or they wouldn’t be the main dominate group. Same with Asians, Hispanics. No one bitches when they do it, but all of a sudden there are issues when black women talk about empowerment. All of a sudden we are separating. You want to get into theory here frenemey.   Because anyone against black women empowerment is automatically on the enemy front.  How about the idea that we are so used to white people in power and ww having protections that it doesn’t even occur to these other groups including other non black that they put their women on a pedestal (as they should. Duh their mothers are white, asian etc.)while bm put ww and other non-black women on a pedestal (even though they are mostly raised by black women)and please don’t go into that media image crap, because black women are given the same media images and stick with black men like there is no tomorrow.  I was trying to be respect, but, but I am not going to be nice.  My niceness stops right here.

And to add another reason why black women are getting more disrespect is because the men of our group don’t respect us (we are taught to support them to no ends, even when we know they committed a crime). People pick up on that and they do accordingly, because well bm do it. Take for instance Don Imus. Everybody got mad bm went crazy over this not because of the racism, but a white man said this. Then take another instance when D. L. Hugley said the same thing where were all those leaders then. Not to mention hip-hop. And before you say crap about teaching them to respect black women, black women have been doing that crap for years and it’s not getting anywhere. Because it’s not women that can teach a man to respect or how to respect women it’s men. You got white men and others saying all kinds of crap about black women because they know they can get away with it. They know black women don’t have the protection of their men. Other groups of women might have abuse and other unseemly things, but at least they have the men of their group to protect them. BW don’t. And I’m sorry, but seriously why wouldn’t other groups want to empower their own? I sure enough don’t see white men, white women, asian women etc. going on about not empowering their group.  I don’t see them trying to empower black women (as why would they when we are not a part of their groups.  duh) and others like I see black women doing the same. Black women need to focus on our own problems before we go out trying to help others work on their own. That’s human nature.   We would all like for the world to come together and uplift each other.  While I liked reading about ideas they are just that. But we live in reality and in reality the world don’t work that way.


9 Responses to “I Will Not Tolerate Disrespect on My Blog”

  1. Ankhesen said

    Well said, baby! Well-motherfucking-said! Check and checkmate!!!

  2. Aiyo said

    And just like that I am following your blog. I am a aspiring film maker myslef.

  3. bgurrl said

    Don’t worry about it. I read the post that is the reason for this comment or as a response to a certain commenter. Remember I had to do the same thing when some tried to derail my blog into the woa is me, black women are at the bottom of the totem pole crap. It’s a lesson learned. Just don’t let it get to you. Remember this was the same person saying that white people had crappy films etc. and that black peoples experiences are different and that’s why the movies (that you posted, and wasn’t even on point with your post)are unique stories. Sorry, but there is nothing great about having dysfunctional drama, comedy, stories about down trodden black women. Why the hell does anyone thing movies and stories about us always struggling is unique to POC especially black women? The point of the videos was that black women need to make our own images, because even bm are making horrible images of us. Also I so got the point you were making about black women copying the negative images of what bm are portraying of us like black women rappers do. I’ve heard black women rappers that rap the same as bm and it’s so sad. I’m much more concerned with how bm portray us, treat us than I am with other races, because of the example of how bm do it others will follow suit.

    • Ankhesen said

      The point of the videos was that black women need to make our own images, because even bm are making horrible images of us. Also I so got the point you were making about black women copying the negative images of what bm are portraying of us like black women rappers do. I’ve heard black women rappers that rap the same as bm and it’s so sad. I’m much more concerned with how bm portray us, treat us than I am with other races, because of the example of how bm do it others will follow suit.”

      Brilliantly stated. The suffering, dysfunctional black woman theme is beyond old and tired. It’s the reason that, while I’m glad Mo’Nique got an Academy Award, I ain’t watching Precious. In fact, I’m not watching any more movies or shows with that bullshit.

      • I’m so tired of that theme, too, of Black women always being everyone’s downtrodden whipping horse. I want to see something positive and uplifting, something that has to do with my life.

        Good on blocking that troll from your blog. I’ve been following for a while. Your blog is very useful and informative…keep up the good work here. I agree that media needs to be made by Black women for Black women because no one else is presenting us in a positive light. I owe you another email…I guess the web ate the other one.

      • bwmm said

        I’ve come to the realization that as much as I love Oprah if a book is suggested by her I am reluctant to read it. She tends to go for the jacked up stuff as well. I know has some part, but to always be supporting dysfuntional stories doesn’t help us as a people. She has great book and movie choices as well as movies and tv series that she has brought to the public. Many though are the jacked up depressing stories that I just can’t take all of the time.

        She was upset with James Frey’s (felt duped)fictional memoir etc., but the main reason she put it on her book club list is because of the damage and dysfunction. I have know that James Frey is a fiction writer, because I”ve read his books on fiction as well as his fiction. He also writers non fiction I believe, but I think it was more of an experiment in literature. I love Oprah, but she can’t get angry, because it shows she didn’t do her research before promoting the book.

  4. scificrazy said is somewhat close to what I was trying to say when it came to the post. The problem is people like to be in this la la land of everybody helping everybody and then when you look around black people especially women are still in the same position they were before. How come homedude didn’t make mention of this? He never really tried to find out anything just judge us for our beliefs and frankly our experiences as black women in society.

  5. cw said

    When contrarians appear with the “Well White folks…” refrain, I tune them out FAST…This is about the Black experience, positives, negatives and advancement…Usually these folk enjoy appealing to the lowest common denominator and relegating us to the same standard…FAIL…They rarely point to the POSITIVE traits of the other races/nationalities spoken about…Only why Black should remain or lower themselves…

    This is why I am so lovvvvin my ban box!

  6. The Star Blazer said

    Black women need to be about BLACK WOMEN these days, PERIOD.

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