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Angelique Short Film

Posted by bwmm on February 25, 2010

I saw a clip of this short film about a month or so ago. It’s based on the true and tragic story of Marie-Joseph Angélique. A black slave women acused of burning down Montreal. She was tortured and hanged. Hanging%20of%20Angelique.htm (a book writte on the subject)


2 Responses to “Angelique Short Film”

  1. scificrazy said

    That was sad, but really good. Not the best acting, but I felt more connected to them more than many of Hollywood movies. I have also been checking out the other vids posted.

    • bwmm said

      That’s what I have to say about the Roger Corman Fantasic Four. The movie in cheesy as hell. It is intentionally as it was never intended for release. It was made for copyright purposes. But I do have to say many old films have that feel. You actually feel the characters and the story. I think today’s movies need to take a little of the melodramatic acting back from the old days and mix it with the new. It’s sad when you can watch a bollywood remake of many of our romcoms and romance films and feel more for the characters then you can with the original high budget U. S. version. Same with non rom films.

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