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Why We need to Produce Our Own Films

Posted by bwmm on February 22, 2010

This is why we need to make our own films. Check out who produced the film and you will understand. We have to stop letting others create images of us but us.

This one doen’t look bad. I want to check this out.

This movie just rubbed me the wrong way.

Hated this movie

I love Nollywood, but at least they have love stories. They have their crazy drama, but we have jacked up drama.

What’s sad is when we start emulating instead of making the films that would benefit us.

A movie about two women fighting over a man?

Many of these films though are good inspirations to make a film. Many of these films were made on very low budgets. A Good Man is Hard to Find was made for 3mill so right now that may be out of our leagues, but we can produce a decent movie for way less than that.


9 Responses to “Why We need to Produce Our Own Films”

  1. bwmm said

    I don’t think that any race of people make better or worse films than another. There are many pocs who never had hard upbringings as well. I’ve seen some crap black and other films by poc. Also you comment is not really on point with the what’s posted. The point is black women need to make our own films or else we will be seeing movies about black downtrodden down and out women. As with the short above if the message in that film isn’t obvious I don’t know what is. As for a movie like Outrighteous. It’s like black women rappers who are now rapping like the very same bm who were calling the b’s and h’s and now they are calling themselves that in their own rap.

  2. scificrazy said

    People create films which reflect their perspective, their class, their race, their gender. The world is a war of perspectives. Your privilege is your ideology, and the outcome of the that can be seen in the kinds of films people make.

    Please most black people that make these movies are replicating what others have told them what black is. Many are no more underprivilaged or raised anymore different than many of the white counterparts you are talking about. Many bp also make movies, music a certain way so they can prove how black they are. Whatever that means!

    I am so sick of seeing movies about black women suffering and downtrodden, there is no hope woa is me ish. I’m so tired of movies about bw being abused. Precious (I have seen it, is a good movie)but it also poisions our image more. I agree with Spike Lee when he said if black women want to see more and better images of them on screen we have to make our own. Just watching that first short I got the message real quick. It wasn’t even overt. It tried to be, but failed miserably.

    • scificrazy said

      Well yes. As stated before many were raised no differently than their white counterparts. Yet a black person might make a movie as to be seen as being black. There are many black people that don’t have the so-called black experience. Whatever that is! The only reason that most make movies or even songs a certain way is so that they will be seen as so called black. And again as bwmm has stated this isn’t even what the post is about. So lets get back to the topic at hand.

      Black women’s image. This blog is about black women not black people. It’s about the improvement of the image of black women.

    • bwmm said

      No I’m saying I don’t care about theory about this or that.

      If you don’t care about anything but racism against black women, then that’s an extremely narrow-minded perspective. Are you totally oblivious to anything else?

      Not trying to be rude, but this is a blog about the empowerment of black women so it’s not that I don’t care about others issues, but that isn’t the issue of the blog. Plus and I hate to tell you this, but many other groups especially that of women don’t care much about bw issues either. I refuse to be a mammy to other groups. I am through worrying about racism against bm when they don’t even bother to help us. So my main concern is bw issues.

      And you actually do have a theory of “this and that”. You are trying to improve the image of black women in the media.

      Baby theory is talking about the patriarchiess effect on bw’s media image or the feminist blah blah blah (especially when the fact is that it’s mostly bw in the so called bc anyway). And like I said I don’t really care. I am encouraging bw to get out there and create an industry.

      You assume that making these movies will actually help black women in real life, right? So why do you think that? How are you going to show black women in your films and how is that going to affect people watching the movie? Is there not some kind of a theory you have about this? Or do you just make movies? Which is it?

      You gotta start somewhere instead of bitching. I determine how I show black women in my films and that’s the point. We have to take charge of our image. Stop letting others control it.

    • bwmm said

      Apparently then this blog is not for you. Instead of trying to tell me how my blog is or should be or what’s wrong with it. Then you can either make a blog that talks just about what you want it to. And I am for empowerment for all groups. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be for empowerment for a group of people? I don’t care if groups departmentalize etc. Because those groups know what they want and what they want to work on and who are you to tell people they are wrong. And like I said what I am hearing is theory.

      So since you aren’t for the empowerment of bw or any group, shown that the blog isn’t your style. Then bye

      • Blasia said

        This! I wish you posted more. Big co-sign. You can’t theorize something into existence. Eventually you have to get out there and do.

  3. creativeg said

    I know what you mean about many black films. The image of black women are horrible. What’s the deal with all the damn drama? I had the misfortune of watching He Who Finds a Wife with a cousin who just had to see it. She had it on video. Goodness I wish I could get that 1hr or so mintues back. And that first short film. That’s no covert message that film was making. It was crystal clear. Man why don’t we have Jane Austen type movies, English Patients etc. why must we have more Boyz N’ the Hood (love the film, but how many do we need), Why do we need films like Precious, why do we need more of Any Tyler Perry film or clones etc.

    The thing with Precious is that black Americans didn’t care for how the movie portrayed black people. The main people giving the movie critical acclaim are white (not saying these people are racists) That’s the reason we need to be careful what we put out there about us. We are giving the whole world an image of ourselves.

    • bwmm said

      I watched Outrighteous. Remember I’m trying to watch low budget black movies as well as non black low budget movies. I’m going to say it had some pretty good prod values (and that’s a little), but seriously a movie about two women fighting over a dude? The movie was ridiculous. If you want to see better than watch The Truth About Cats and Dogs.

  4. bgurrl said

    He Used to Love Her is probably the only one in that group that’s actually any good and pretty positive. Those Chicago black filmmakers have mad skills.

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