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Watch Watch Watch Just Remember to Detox

Posted by bwmm on January 26, 2010

For a few weeks I’ve been watching no/low budget African American movies to low budget scifi. Many aren’t great. The point though is to see what many have done with the no budgets and low budgets they have been given. I’ve also been watching no/low budget movies that not geared to AAs as well. I watched a movie all though low budget to Hollywood standards and maybe not so for independents french action film District 13 or Banlieue 13 €12mill or around 17mill USD. I keep a list of movies (I make it myself) of movies and their budgets. Now I will say that after watching crap movies (not all are and many aren’t that loveable fun cheesy campy fun either)you have to seriously detox yourself. I’m serious ya’ll! Watching a crap movie makes you want to ring your neck and get your tortured now derranged ghost to heat the oven and stick your head in Some of these movies are like dead Armadillo. They stink. If you don’t believe me watch Then there are the ones that are good even though the production values don’t look topnotch. There are also movies like Facing the Giants, Monsoon Wedding (shot in India) and many other no/low budget movies that you don’t feel like you are watching a movie that has a no/low budget.

boy why can’t we make movies like this. It might not be some big Hollywood romance drama, but It’s still one of my faves.

I would also say if you get a chance watch movies from Korea, Japan etc. especially the love stories (I many are too Also watch movies that are more outside of the commericial arena.

And Remember that bfilm just means budget film it doesn’t mean bad.


2 Responses to “Watch Watch Watch Just Remember to Detox”

  1. Jace said

    Primer 2004 $7,000 The Other Side 2006 $15,000El Mariachi 1992 $7,000Following 1998 $6,000Paranormal Activity $15,000The Signal 2007 $50,000Blair Witch 1999 $20,000Clerks 1994 $22,000Eraserhead 1977 $10,000I'm sure these are all production cost not including post.

  2. Yes I know of those as well. El Mariachi I've seen so many times it's ridiculous. Primer was cool. Following saw parts of it in my film class and have it on my netflix que just haven't watched it yet. Seen Blair Wich and I've heard of Paranormal Activity, but haven't seen it yet.

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