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Diversity in Our Movies

Posted by bwmm on January 12, 2010

I like this article about how black films need to be not only diverse with black stories, but with people as well. I have to admit. I have been wondering about this as well. I mean yeah it’s cool to have black films like Soul Food etc. but we also need to have movies that have not only diverse black people. We also need diverse groups who aren’t black as well and also who aren’t African American. There are many types of black people within the African American community, but also within the world as well. And that goes for other races as well. Being what the situation for Black Women’s image in America mostly black America this might be something we should be looking into. Seriously we need to get out of movies like Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Diary of a Tired Black Man (Seriously?). Yes Precious is a good movie, but is that what we really want to show of Black America and black women. I’m not saying that those movies should never be made, but we don’t have many diverse stories and images as it is now. I’ve often talked to black people who don’t understand why black people get upset with our images and say, but white people show the same etc. White people also see movies that are comedies, dramas, dramadies and countless other images. They might have those gangster type movies, but they also have love stories. Just look at the old studio system. Certain studios were known for producing certain genres so you still had more diversity. White people have a diverse image as does many other movie industries such as Nollywood, Bollywood etc. Black Americans image tends to be either hood, comedy, or jacked up drama.

And seriously can we get out of the inner city and the city all together. I mean damn not every black person ever lived in a city, the hood, or even a suburb, are going through baby mama drama etc. Many black people lived on farms and have had many other diverse lifestyles as much as any other group of people. Just watching history of old race films and it just saddens me how far we he degressed when it comes to films and our image.


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