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Is it Possible to Create a New Industry?

Posted by bwmm on December 23, 2009

I have been looking up ways for distributing movies especially on the big screen. One way is four walling where a filmmaker rents the four walls of a theater. The creator Tom Laughlin Billy Jack movies changed the business of how Hollywood after creating the four-walling formula because. He was not happy with how the studios treated his movie so he went out and showed them himself by renting the theater. Now Hollywood does it on a large scale.

There are Guerilla Drive in movies

So many ways to show movies. The one that really impressed me is now imagine if this was done as a business model especially for a film industry separate of Hollywood. Can you imagine what these people could have done if they haf used this as a business model? I mean seriously they could be some major competition for Hollywood by creating a whole new film industry.

These people also have a cool idea as well

I also have been thinking about the idea of screening films at schools auditoriums. Some schools even have theaters as do hotels. Also hotel conference rooms somewhat like what the films festival and other independent filmmakers use. There have also been screenings in art galleries. locally owned, non profit or independent theaters, theatres etc. I have been thinking on this quite some time and trying to see how it could work.

I’ve always had this thought that the drive in theater or other indie theaters could have changed racial and many other views in America by having it geared to everyone unlike Hollywood. Many movies at the drive in were movies that would not have made it in Hollywood (before Hollywood discovered they could make money with most those these genres especially what is considered the bfilm by todays standards)let alone most multiplexes. Night of the Living Dead etc. While black Americans had Blaxploitation movies (which weren’t called that at the time)white Americans had Hicksploitation that mostly showed at Drive in Theaters. Many were crazy. Some were about showing skin, some horror and movies such as Smokey and the Bandit etc. Giving as said before many Americans (mostly southern whites) heroes that they would never see in Hollywood and could relate to. (I know I know b-movies) So they found an alternative the drive in and other places to show their movies. These movies created heroes that would not have been in the mainstream. Everytime I watch docus on America and Americana such as the ones either I realize how much we don’t relate to most of what Hollywood has. Now that’s funny isn’t it. Old Hollywood was a dream factory, but they managed to tell stories that others could relate to. Yes many were in New York mainly telling stories of immigrants and their trials in coping with living in a country that looked down on them and also coming to a new country and having your dreams squashed when they saw the realities of the life in the U. S., but they also made movies set in the west, east, north etc. They had movies that were set all over. Todays movies seem to be only about California or New York. There was an American documentary about Americans in which a black gospel singer for the Mississipi Mass choir was portrayed (now deceased) wonderful documentary that made you want to see more.

For the USA American Character Project. Didn’t post the video becauset there are many of them on Youtube

A really cool site is
Sorry some of this is

If anyone has any ideas please feel free to post them.


One Response to “Is it Possible to Create a New Industry?”

  1. scificrazy said

    This sounds interesting. Have to check this out myself. I have thought about alternative ways to screen films. Would be cool to have a network or something.

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