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A Wake in Providence

Posted by bwmm on December 3, 2009

Starring Victoria Rowell

Vinent Pagano

Anthony (Vincent Pagano) is a white fledging actor who is in a happy relationship with Alissa (Victoria Rowell), who is beautiful, gainfully employed, and black. In spite of being sharply reminded that it has been 30 years since Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Anthony is reluctant to introduce her to his large traditional-minded family. Yet when Alissa does accompany Anthony home when his grandfather dies, he learns that race is only one of many issues this eccentric family contends with; two of Anthony’s cousins are under the mistaken belief that they are wanted by the mob, his uncle talks endlessly about his testicles, and his aunt takes Alissa aside and tells her that the only way to survive in this wacky family is to drink. A Wake in Providence was screened at the 1999 Boston Film Festival.”

I watched this movie last night on Netflix and absolutely loved it. I can’t believe this movie has such little exposure. It’s sure better than most of the drivel out there posing as feature films. I loved Victoria Rowell and Vincent Pagano (what a hottie). I’m definatetly watching this move again.


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