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The Picture Perfect Ghanian Movie Produced by a Black Woman

Posted by bwmm on November 26, 2009

Produced by a black woman. This is what I am saying. Yes there are some scenes that go on a little long at times, but I like the movie. This is what we need to be doing. This woman is making movies for African audiences. What I like about this like I like what Stephanie is doing as well is that these women are taking the power they have to improve and take control of women’s images in the media. For all of those out there check this movie out if you are able to.

I’m also thinking about making a sort of assignment of films to watch from industries such as Nollywood, Ghana, Kano etc. as well as industries such as Bollywood. Not sure though. I want people to get a grasp on how these industries make their films etc. and how we could do the same. And yes they have their flaws, but as I have noted before they have a industry to improve upon. Do we want to be people complaining about Hollywood and it’s portrayal of bw or how they barely cast us in the first place or do we want to get out there and portray our own selves and cast ourselves? Do we want to wait for someone to approve of what’s greenlighted based on their notion of black people let alone black women or do we want to have the power to greenlight our own movies?

The Amazing Grace produced by a Nollywood filmmaker Jeta Amata (not produced by a black wmen), I liked this movie. There are comments like Sankofa (which I do love, great film) is better etc, this movie is diluted or watered down etc., but I think this is a great movie. I think they both have their own merits. This movie was made for around 400k on 35mm. Anyways I give Jeta Amata kudos for making this beautiful film.


2 Responses to “The Picture Perfect Ghanian Movie Produced by a Black Woman”

  1. scificrazy said

    Yeah I saw that movie the Picture Perfect. It was pretty good. I also loved the Amazing Grace.

  2. willson said

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