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I’m a Warrior Queen La La La La

Posted by bwmm on October 30, 2009

Okay yes I have This is what we should be doing. Seriously I remember the creator of mayhem aka Grafikdon at check it out. It’s so cool that someone is working on creating animated movies and series by Africans for Africans. We cannot say that it can’t be done.

Check out
a past movie Chika: The Rite of Perdition


One Response to “I’m a Warrior Queen La La La La”

  1. scificrazy said

    Now that was freaking off the chain! I would love to see us do some animated movies as well. Some for kids and some for adults (don't get no nasty thoughts ya'll). It would also be cool to have 2-D hand drawn animation as well as 2-D computer. I like 3 D and everything, but damn bring 2-d hand drawn back. Some books to check outScreenplay by Disney Jason Surrell Producing Independent 2D Character Animation: Making & Selling A Short Film Mark A. Simon The Animator's Guide to 2D Computer Animation Hedley Griffin How to Make Animated Films: Tony White's Complete Masterclass on the Traditional Principles of Animation Tony White Gardner's Guide to Animation Scriptwriting: The Writer's Road Map Marilyn Webber

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