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Black Women and WM in Movies in Predominately Black Settings

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————————————————————————————- and Marshana my reply about Marshana on the Bachelor

“But anyways has anyone noticed that movies with white men and other non-black men (just added that) going to the bahamas, Africa etc for visiting or living there always seem to be with white women even though the majority is black or other non-bw/poc women. Take case in point a white man lives in Jamaica or the carribean or something ( I know other races are there, but if the movies has the man surrounded with nothing, but black people then what gives?) Case in point The Paradise Virus yes corney diease is going to kill everyone if we don’t find a cure fast b-film, but still. First you have Lorenzo Lamas who lives in a country filled with it appears majority of black people yet he doesn’t have a black wife, girlfriend nothing. Then you have Ralf Moeller (the man coming out of that water was like woa!!!! hmmm) anyways the dudes been there like forever. Now I know he was a man of g, (can’t remember if he was a priest), but why not have a black wife/ biracial family if he is not a priest. (And believe me that would have made by day(besides T. J. Storm he was the main reason I watched Lets not forget that Tarzan the 1996 Joe Lara series ( yeah I know Tarzan, hey I was a kid and the Tarzan and the brotha on the show were two hot guys)anyways there no way that dude spent all those years around sistahs (whom he mostly I presume saw all of his life) and hooks up with Jane.

I’ve noticed in these movies/tv shows that the man somehow ends up with a ww (nothing against them), but if a dude ended up in Ireland etc. he would be with an Irish woman like that movie Irish Jam with Eddie Griffin, Hill Harper movie The Nephew , or if he was in Asia and Asian woman Bollywood Hero with Chris Kattan, Mexico etc., as well as countless other movies whether they are straight to video, small screen or big well as countless other movies whether they are straight to video, small screen or big screen. Yet when the man is in an environment filled with a majority of or nothing but black people he doesn’t seem to have any romance going on with the bw there. Now you can’t say this about Hotel Rwanda because there was Joaquin Phoenix and the African Girl that he had to leave and probably a lot of other movies. But from what I’ve seen it’s mostly ww/wm in a mostly black enviroment getting together.”

I also made a similar comment on another blog (can’t remember which blog) anyways I added that the woman that the guy ends up with in the movies are the zany, spunky, sparky, hippy chick, teacher/missionary/adventurer that comes in to save all the little ghetto children, find the lost treasure of whatever and tells the guy essentially how much dudes are loosers or are chauvanist etc. This also applies to the hippy chick, spunky, zany teacher who or even sweet angelical teacher who goes in to teach and save all the little downtrodden African children (believe me Africans notice this image of themselves as a people in the media)

On my new add with movies like Best of the Best is because how the movie started off you would have expected to see more interaction with the black community and possibly having to working with them. For anyone who hasn’t seen it watch it and see what I mean.

There are Hollywood or A list films that do this mos def. but I think it’s definately sad state when no budget/low budget movies do this. It’s sad that even in the indie world you can’t show a bw/non bm romance.

5 Responses to “Black Women and WM in Movies in Predominately Black Settings”

  1. scificrazy said

    Or if the guy is in a all black or predominately black environment he has to be acting black or it has to be a ghetto comedy for him to be interested in a bg ala Malibu's Most Wanted.

  2. I have notice this some what but ou brought it out even more. Sort of like "Seven Years in Tibet" also. But if it were "Seven Years in Timbuctu" He would have ran across a ww. Yeah sad state.

  3. scificrazy said

    The series the White Shadow did this too. I mean seriously the principal and the coach had hella lot of chemistry. Yes I've seen that

  4. Guest said

    I'm glad that you've noticed this……………….

  5. Yeah this has been bugging me for a while. And seriously in Paradise Virus (yes very cheesy movie) the daughter at least should have been friends with some of the kids there or dating one of the boys. We are to believe these people have lived there for years, but have no black friends or S.O.s. Please!!!!

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