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Independent and Webseries TV Part II

Posted by bwmm on August 7, 2009

I’m going to also mention I loved watching Stark Trek Hidden Frontier as well as Star Trek New Voyages, Star Trek Starship Exeter
Okay and that gets me on fan films and fan film series
Doctor Who

a little too much music etc. but kids mad their own 2 seasons of a show.
There are a group of kids who went to school together and made shorts etc. and they also would make productions of their own doctor who series and work with each other etc. Pretty good idea. Anyways one of those kids ended is Tony Coburn I believe in the New Harry Potter movie. I think he’s since taken his series down, but he does great vids. He also does parodies.

Another doctor who fan film series

Then there are others

what got them was the budget etc., but look at this by no/low budget filmmakers

Of course we can’t forget Star Wars

Star Trek

A fan film with Stars from Star Trek seriously and it’s pretty good too.  

I got to do PA work on Star Trek Exeter (the second ep. Only a day, but it was a learning experience.)

Star Trek Parody



I liked the the info on how the set construction was done.

This is the site for Broken Allegiance  

Yeah everyone now knows my love for fan films. Especially for the Star Wars and Star Trek ones and I can’t forget Doctor Who. Oh and Doctor Who has fan films (professional) called Spin-off Films like Shakedown, the Auton Trilogy, The Stranger Series etc. Yes I am a geek maybe not in the tech since, but in the scifi /fantasy since hell 2 the yeah!!! Okay so I know a hell of a lot of videos.

I’m not saying that everyone should go out and make fan films. What I am saying is to look at these videos as inspiration what could be done on no/low budgets. I want you to watch as many of these fan films as you can as well as others not posted. And if you find ones you like then email them to me so I can make a mention of them. That goes for the original series as well from part I. Now yes many of these films had to be done every once in a while etc. and some couldn’t be finished, have cheesy acting etc, but the point is that if this was done a professional scale it could be done cheaply. Guess what? You’d have control.

But on the off chance that anyone does want to make fan films then checkout
Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera by Clive Young and Chris Gore


3 Responses to “Independent and Webseries TV Part II”

  1. Guest said

    Thanks for mentioning Homemade Hollywood! I also have a fan film blog (currently on sabbatical though) called, which has coverage of a lot of fan flicks over the last few years (as well as a free chapter of the book). Hope you dug the book-Clive

  2. Sorry I haven't put your site up yet. I love your site. I lost all of my bookmarks when my computer crashed. Have a new one and have to look for most of my old sites. I'm the one who asked aobut Escape from City 17.

  3. Does anyone know the website/blog that reviewed web series?

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