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Independent and Webseries TV Part 1

Posted by bwmm on August 3, 2009

A big interest for me along with movies is television. My sole goal in the past was to work in television, but seeing how most television has become I began to loose interest. Most webseries are usually short daily, weekly, monthly or whenever the creators have the time. I have to say I am still interested in creating television weekly series mostly 1/2hr-1hr dramatic series or even sitcoms/comedy made for the internet or other avenues as well.

It’s sort of more of an tv pilot inspired by shows like Firefly etc., but it was a pilot for a series that was an original. Too bad they never were able to do the series. Sort of how The Adventures of Stephen Brown was inspired by Doctor Who and Damon Dark shows like UFO, The Prisoner etc.

no/low budget indie public access series in the style of the Twilight Zone very good show.

Another webseries in the style of the Twighlight Zone, OT etc.

a low budget indie scifi series called Damon Dark. These are the early eps made for public access.

indie soap pilot from New Zealand

This is just too cool.
I think this was actually a good idea, but maybe they should have charged monthly instead of per ep.  a local soap in Britian  has good series my favorites are cataclysmo and Black Dawn  cheesy, but so cool and it’s supposed to be cheesy


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