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Hollywood’s Lack of American Film Industry Competitors

Posted by bwmm on July 21, 2009

You know as I’ve been reflecting on film making, film industries from America to India I have come to wonder how in the world is it that America doesn’t have more than one film industry? In India as well as neighboring countries alone there are several not just Bollywood . In Africa Nollywood is not the only industry. There are others and some starting up because of Nollywood, but there are other film industries or cinema cultures. So again how is it that we have just one industry. Asia has many different film industries period sometimes within the same country, state, group etc.

Frankly I think that’s why Hollywood is the way it is. No competition on it’s own soil. Well indies somewhat, but most independent filmmakers work on indies as a step into Hollywood. Why don’t we have an film industry that started from scratch and is separate of Hollywood? At one point though one of the biggest competitors (made Hwood real nervous)was European film industry.

With how big this country is and the lack of representation of the people you would think we would have more film industries. In the 70’s and 80’s there were hickploitation movies like blaxploitation films had audiences craving for something for them. And they had big fans too. Smokey and the Bandit, White Lightning, Deliverance,Walking Tall, Fight For Your Life etc. gave many of the South as well as others in rural eras heroes they could relate to. Seriously America isn’t just big cities (and even so can’t a movie be set in other cities), California and New York. We have so much in Americana that is just not told. Yes in documentaries or campaigns (little snippets)on the web to show Americana, but people need more. I also think that’s why peoples interest in movies is slipping. Even in old Hollywood like they showed a gangster movie set in NY or Chicago they showed ones set in the mid-west.

I’m most definitely surprised that black people don’t have a film industry. Even if the movies were low bud. This is surprising especially with the surge of digital technology making it easier and cheaper for independents to make films. Not only that, but it could create jobs for crew as well as directors, producers, writers, actors etc. I mean seriously countries poorer than U. S. are doing more with less. As stated before Nigerians are recreating Nollywood in America for Nigerian Americans as well as for Nigerians and others in Africa. So we really need to step up on our A-game.

But overall the fact that the whole of the U. S. hasn’t started a separate commercial movie industry to Hollywood is even more shocking. The same reasons as stated above apply. So many are work to get into Hollywood they don’t realize they can just totally say screw you and make a whole complete new industry. It might have to start small, start on the low key to gain momentum so that Hollywood doesn’t take it over, but I do think it can be done. Nollywood wasn’t known about outside of Africa for years main reason being they paid for the movies themselves or used funds of others (like Bwood sometimes thugs)keeping the movie relevant to those of the audience or at least close.

Every time I see other states in the U. S. saying that they are starting, creating, building a film industry I then read on to find out they are just becoming an extension of Hollywood. Why not literally create a film industry from scratch that has Nothing to do with Hollywood. I’m not saying build studios etc. (because studio building is costly and most films might have to be on location and that’s fine)but have an industry that we created on our own.


2 Responses to “Hollywood’s Lack of American Film Industry Competitors”

  1. scificrazy said

    I'm actually surprised about this as well. I would have expected for independent filmmakers to say to hell with Hollywood and even the indie world as well and decide to come up with their own industry.

  2. phantomare said

    I feel the same way scificrazy. BTW, Cool-splash, the city I live in is beginning a film industry of its own. The film tax incentive passed and there are some project up ahead. Many indie people are QUITE excited about this.Hollywood does need competition.

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