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Black Actresses as Desirable Leading Ladies

Posted by bwmm on July 19, 2009

couldn’t find a trailer for this movie, but this video is hott!!!

Okay so yeah monster of the week cheesy scifi well now SYYYFFFYYYY (with sarcasm)channel

Okay yes this is a cheesy no budget scifi horror film. The filmmaker even claims Cool guy btw. There is an implied BW/IR. But this will be a different post about no-low-budget/indie filmmaking and BW/IR in films.

cute movie

Cute little short film

Why can’t black women be seen as desirable by all types of men in movies? We are just as beautiful as any woman. We have to make movies that show us as desirable, marriageable to men of every race. No one can do that, but us. Well not totally just us, but other filmmakers non black and black alike that love us and see us as beautiful. We are worthy to be leading ladies with leading men of any nationality or race. These movies could run the gamut from a dramatic romantic drama/comedy Jane Austen style to science fiction ala Star Trek. It’s up to us. We have to stop letting others control our image. We have to stop being our worst enemy. And we most definitely have to get out of our own way. If we don’t think we are beautiful, wonderful, lovable, marriageable and etc. then who else will?


2 Responses to “Black Actresses as Desirable Leading Ladies”

  1. Hey now! said

    Perhaps the paucity of black women and non-black men in real life America is being reflected on the screen? After all, the numbers of ir couples that are black female/white male are very small. Where I live (midwest) they are a rarity.

  2. scificrazy said

    I don't know if I agree that positive image of black women are up. From what I've sen black women are still playing some of the same types of characters. I am leary about tv having positive roles for bw, because we have always gotten that promise with tv and they slowly faded us out when the heat was off. I like what the author is saying. That we have to have our own industry. Hell Tyler Perry has even thrown us under the bus.

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