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Science Fiction and Other No/Low Budget Filmmakers as Inspiration

Posted by bwmm on July 6, 2009

Or just me showing my strange

(this one took a while to make. What Jason Tamoric was able to accomplish was outstanding.

(pretty good fan film)

fan film done within the Scottish filmmaking community pretty good.

I love finding no/low budget science fiction movies. Later you will find out how I love to watch all types of no/low budget movies from romcoms to scifi. Yes some are horrible and some are great films. The point is that the filmmakers achieved the making of the movie. I also love to watch short films to give ideas on what I could do for when I want to make a scifi movie. I do this with other genres as well. I love to watch fan films if you can believe Yes fan films and as stated above there are those that are good and those that are just well horrible. Seven of the films I know the budgets of. The one from Australian I don’t know about. I can tell you that the first one is a short film and was done on a really low bud. It’s not the greatest film ever, but it was cool what was done on the budget. The second one is damn cheap I know that. I don’t want to post it on here in case the filmmakers don’t want it known, but it is very no/low budget. The War of the World’s movie was done on the cheap. Hines used friends, family and other types of ways to keep the movie on the low budget. CL. One as is stated on the yt site was made for around 25k with dv cameras, free locations and free help. Now it took a while to make this happen, but the movie got made and the filmmaker ended up working on Star Wars. Terrarium was made for around 27k on 16mm. The set was built in Mike Conway’s backyard, but he had to take it down because of complaints so he had to shoot fast. Yes it is a bit cheesy not the best acting, but then again I have a strange love for no budget scifi horror. Give me Roger Corman or Lloyd Kaufman anyday. The short film fan film The Rage was done for 1,000 pounds in Scotland that’s around 1,633.76 US I guess. Primer was made for around 7k (Like El Mariachi)it was slow in some parts, but all around pretty cool film. I just heard about the Enigma short film. It’s pricey in the short film range mainly because to make a good impression with festivals etc. you need to spend the money. Whatever this film looks cool.

Anyways what I am getting at is that it is good to watch other no/low budget short films, fan films, features even webseries (of which some are hella (and I mean get inspiration for what you as a filmmaker could do with the movies you are making. Low budget doesn’t always have to mean from 0-100k it could be a 100k or more. Many movies under $100k are just look just as good and are just as good.

Not Scifi

This movie was made for around $980-$1k

I can’t remember how much, but I know it was either free or cheap. Anyways they have a vid on about making a microbudget movie.


6 Responses to “Science Fiction and Other No/Low Budget Filmmakers as Inspiration”

  1. Phantomare said

    Hey Cooly!I am in the middle of writing some sci-fi. :o)))))We aren't weird for liking it.

  2. I watch the scifi channel to give that channel the benifit of the doubt(Hate it's changing to SYFY). They put on hella crap like Mansquito or a movie about smart killer Seriously smart killer bears!lol

  3. Phantomare said

    Smart killer bears.. LOL.Hey just give me some TIMELINE and I'm a happy camper. *wink* *wink*Have you seen Star Trek?Oh yeah- Sy Fy. I was like, "Well, Ok."

  4. Not yet I want to see Star Trek

  5. Phantomare said

    You GOTSTA see it girl. The non-Trekkar people even like loved it. lolI am getting ready to see Transformers next week and then GI-Joe.But keep posting Cool, I will visit.

  6. We really need more scifi movies and tv shows. I sometimes think writers and creators like Roddenberry, Harlan Ellison, JMS, Whedon etc. really should have worked in British Television. Maybe a show like Starlost would have survived. Or Pilot/TV movies (hidden pilots)like Where Have all the People Gone, or The Gifted One would be on tv. Seriously Blake's 7 wouldn't have survived here. Go to a place called YT and search Where have all the people gone

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