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Cinderella Dressed in Yellow Went Upstairs to Kiss a Fellow

Posted by bwmm on July 1, 2009

For everyone who has heard of the Princess and the Frog it’s sad that we waited on Disney to do something we should have done such a long time ago. You can’t wait on Disney or any film studio, company (which are mostly run by white people) to give our black girls a black princess when the majority of the people in this country are white and run the film industry. We are the ones who should have been giving our girls a black princess film. Disney finally did it and now black people are complaining because there is no black prince. Well so what? I for one am happy she has a non-black love interest. I think it’s high time black girls see men of other races seeing us as desirable. Not only that the complaints of the girl being a maid, her name (which ended in being Tiana in a time I don’t even think that girl would have had that name, but anyway)that is it any wonder. And why do we expect Hollywood to give black girls good, beautiful images of black women when our own men don’t when they make movies as well. (that’s another post)

The cool thing about making your own films and images is that you control the images coming out. (This is also why we need film disribution companies run by black people, but that’s another post.) We greenlight our own movies, by having control.

On the subject of Nollywoods Cinderella (there are other versions as well)it doesn’t look Hollywood and can be cheesy (especially the badly lipsynced, but it is a great story for black girls to see.


2 Responses to “Cinderella Dressed in Yellow Went Upstairs to Kiss a Fellow”

  1. Hello everyone this is a 2nd comments section

  2. Oh and I forgot to mention Cinderella is one of the oldest stories in the world all over the world. One of the oldest is from Egypt. So this story could fit anywhere as most stories are universal anyway.

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