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Through The Glass

Posted by bwmm on June 24, 2009

Stephanie Okereke a black African woman and Nollywood star made and directed her own movie in which she was the lead and desirable to a wm. This is the power of anyone who controls their own image. You can make yourself the bitchiest woman ala Alexis Carrington and have every guy want you, you can make yourself the sweetest girl next door type and have every guy want you too. It’s up to you

Now I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’m not going to lie, but I respect this woman emensely. She survived an accident, divorced and went to film school NYFA to be exact

This is what we seriously need to do. We have to stop worrying about what the black community and even others outside of the bc think about what our movies should be and how they should be. We need to chose what our stories are as black American women filmmakers, writers yes and even the audience.


3 Responses to “Through The Glass”

  1. Anonymous said

    Yea, make movies lusting over wm, slave.

  2. Anonymous said

    anti-black racist.

  3. Damn, look at all the hateful comments here. You know you're doing well when you already have trolls. There is plenty of anti-black woman paraphernalia out there so hush. Anyhoo I didn't come here to argue, but to critique the trailer. First of all I'm not here to bash. Is this Stephanie Okereke's first American film? I looks better than Nollywood films from the trailer, but in comparison to low budget American films it's looks cheaply made. The story line looks like I have heard it all before. Man finds baby, man can't care for baby properly (Kevin Hill) so hilarity ensues until he can find a nanny for the child who he inevitably falls in love with not to mention the real mom comes back for the child. (losing Isiah anyone?) there are plenty of movies in which people find babies, and their lives totally change. Not to mention that Romance novels pimped this theme out for way too long. The jokes and puns sound stale, and the black dude is reminiscent of Anthony Anderson from "Two Can Play That Game". I know, I know this is her first American film so she gets a pass from me for actually getting the movie made, but she needs movie making aesthetic or she wont survive. The film look like it was shot poorly too, and the main male character is not even that attractive. I will see it though to support her, and my inner curiosity. I wish film looked alot more classier, and well put together. Focusing on the interracial relationship only isn't good. It needs more "beef" in the storyline. I hope she gets better though. Great job on getting the movie out there.

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