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Take Advantage of Our Right to Create

Posted by bwmm on June 17, 2009

These videos are songs from Hausa movies from the Kano movie industry before they were banned. There were filmmakers being arrested because they made a film with this style until they just decided to find ways around the system. I believe I read somewhere that these films are cheaper than that of Nollywood films, but the fact they are able to do musical style to it is inspiring. I mean seriously making musicals on no-low budgets. I also like how they took something inspired from another industry and made it their own by fitting it to their culture.

This is why we need to do what we can and tell our stories. We are blessed to be in a country that doesn’t ban a style of movie because it doesn’t fit the culture. A government telling an artist how to do art, what they should and should not be influenced by because it’s not of their culture is ridiculous. I’m not sure if Somalia still has the ban on films or if they have lifted it yet. I will post some videos in another post. We have many resources that we could be taking advantage or right now. So lets start doing that.

Somali movies I could find.

Somalian films are a mix of Hollywood and Bollywood. As I said before not sure if the ban has been taken off yet.

There are other movies on YT that are Somalian films if you want to check them out same with Nollywood, Ghollywood


2 Responses to “Take Advantage of Our Right to Create”

  1. This is what I am talking about! Great videos Cool-splash! Great examples of what we can do. BTW, I am headed of to a filmmaking seminar soon. I am also a writer.

  2. Great. I took a filmmaking course from Feb-May got a 6min short film shown. The next sem which is in september is going to be a 10. The third one is producing a feature. I know it's great isn't it. For a short time I'm trying to go as fast as I can with this will be showing film industries from other countries that are similar. I will also talk of the more artsy cinema Dogme 95 etc.I also want to do a post on webseries. So everyone hang in there.

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