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Third Largest Movie Industry in the World

Posted by bwmm on June 11, 2009

Yes I know a lot of videos, but it’s very interesting and inspiring. Nollywood may have it’s issues in production quality right now. The industry is new, but Nigerians got out and created an industry out of nothing. Most of the funding was out of pocket or from others. That’s the reason the industry was so low key to many outside of Africa (which Nollywood is watched all over Africa). The reason Nollywood grew is because it catered to African audiences. Yes there are African films like Sia Myth of the Python, Guimba The Tyrant, Little Senegal, and many others that are made more for the festival market, but most Africans really don’t ever see. The big problem they have is pirating, but the point is they have an industry they control.


7 Responses to “Third Largest Movie Industry in the World”

  1. Anonymous said

    I have my Netflix subscription on hold for the moment, but they have one film that I am aware of that was Nollywood produced. It might have been in conjunction with a British company, but I suspect that we will see more crossover films, like some are coming from India. I think the current problem with film will be fundraising and bootleg video. I think there will be a solution to that in the future. But that shouldn't stop the creative efforts occuring now.

  2. Anonymous said

    If the Nigerians can do it, so can Black women. "Blackfemalewood" can be a reality!

  3. Amazing Grace was a co-produced film I can't remember if it was with Hollywood or Britian.And the ones in Kano are finding ways to make their films the way they want even though it's against the law. Some go outside of Kano, while other artists stayed and were arristed.You now have Nollywood style films coming out of the U. S. because of the Nigerians coming to America. That's cool that they are working on starting their own industry within the U. S. There is a Somalian filmmaker that's doing the same thing with the Somalian community in the U. S.

  4. Hey I'm also interested in owning my own cable /broadcast network. why not tell the news from our perspective. Have you as black women ever thought of getting into owning and distributing movies? Why stop there why not invest in fledgling movie industries. Why not give loans for people to make movies? Why not invest in stocks/shares of other industries or networks? THINK BIG if you want to chat about it lemme know. I was thinking about pursuing Marketing/ Film/ and Business Management.

  5. I would like to own a cable or even internet tv channel. Right now though my main focus is on filmmaking. That is something that I am going to bring up in later topics as well as some resouces to check out.

  6. Frankly I think we should own tv stations and movie theaters in other countries as well as in the U. S. What better way by controlling your image than own the means for movies/tv shows being shown. The Lebanese owned most tv stations in Nigeria and that's why most Nigerians saw mostly nothing, but media that didn't show anything that represented them. So they went out and created Nollywood. I wouldn't want to do what the Lebonese did or any others doing the same. I would want for movies and shows to represent the people of the countries etc., but It would be a good way to control what movies and other media especially depicting us come through. From what I've heard the movies Koreans and others see of bp are usually the urban films as in the hood movies etc. You know that also goes for investing in movies as well. That's why Hollywood is the way it is because of catering to investors. Main reason that I've heard Nigerians are careful about others investing in the industry. We also need to own magazines targeted to bw.

  7. Anonymous said

    Yeaah! blackfemalehood movies for black feminazis who hate black men. yeeaaaah!

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