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We Can Create The Industry we Want

Posted by bwmm on June 9, 2009

Okay I know you will be thinking what’s up with all of this Nollywood, Ghollywood, Riverwood, Kanywood, Bollywood, Lollywood,Kollywood (Nepal), Kollywood (Tamil), Tollywood, Sollywood, Pastho Films, etc. I know lol? I am going to have a few posts on these industries to show what we can be doing now if we put our minds to it.

Really there is no excuse now for not having a film industry. Hell it really wasn’t an excuse in the past with the advent of the VCR. The problem was that many filmmakers from white to black looked at straight to video movies as subpar. You were looked down upon if you took this route. Not only that but making a film on video was even worse even in the early part of the new millenium. With all the DV craze that was going on you’d be surprised at how many people got much disrespect for going the digital route. I have nothing against film I love the look of film and my goal is to learn film, because I started on video. I would love for my films to be in the theater, but I think started in the straight to video market is a better starting point. What I am saying is that these filmmakers closed their doors to the options of making movies for the straight to video market and producing them on video.

Nollywood has proven that you can make a successful industry making movies not only using video, but have it as a straight to video market. Now Nollywood has it’s flaws with poor quality productions and scriptwriting, but that comes with building something especially when it’s being built from scratch.

You also have Kanywood (which right now the style in which these movies are made is banned because of Sharia Law in Kano) they make movies like Bollywood well that’s been banned. I’m not sure if this is still the case in Somalywood, but that would suck. Which that brings me to

Somalian films which are somewat a mesh of Hollywood and Bollywood.

Kenya has started Riverwood. Ghollywood there movies are a bit more like Nollywood, but to me and this is just me seem more glossy. You will notice a few movies like Beyonce the President’s daughter, Princess Tyra, Rihanna

Cameroon is working on starting an industry. Haiti has similar style films as well.

Now for film you have of course Hollywood (but they are on the high side lol) Bollywood (same but cheaper than hwood) Tollywood (man call this Bollywoods cheap cousin, but whatever I dig them) Nepali most I’ve seen are made on 16mm or at least the last time I checked. They make low bud movies in the style of Bollywood althought that seems to be changing, but that could just be some films. Some of those movies are crazy, but they are so much fun. Tells how much movies in Sri Lanka can cost and how hard it is just to make one.

The point of this post is to show that we could make a film industry if we really wanted to. It might not be screened on a big screen in a theater, but it would still have an audience. We can’t make excuses anymore.


2 Responses to “We Can Create The Industry we Want”

  1. Anonymous said

    How about Blackwhiteyhood? black man hating, white man loving interracial movies for da sistas.

  2. Where in this blog does it say that? This blog is about improving bws images for black women and girls. There is nothing about bm hating. If that's what you get out of that you know there is something wrong in the bc.

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