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It’s Time to Take Conrol Of our Image

Posted by bwmm on June 8, 2009

Hello my name is Amanda and I started this blog for black women interested in filmmaking. I also started this blog for the betterment of black women’s image in the media. I think it’s high time we take control of our images. We have to stop waiting on other people to do stories about us and for us. We have to stop expecting others to show us in a positive light. We have to do our own thing. Nigeria, Ghana and many other African countries have film industries where black people greenlight the films. This is a wonderful thing and I wish black Americans would do the same. Own our own images. Yet in many industries it is often the men who run the show. Meaning that bw end up depending on the men to show them in a positive light, give them good roles etc. The problem is then we are letting others tell our stories or shape us in the way they want to instead of how we want to be seen.

I would like people to send pics as well as topics of interest, but also appropriate for the blog. I cannot guarantee the pics will be used or the topics discussed, but I will look at and consider them for the blog. Please do so at


5 Responses to “It’s Time to Take Conrol Of our Image”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hello Amanda. I very much agree with you that we as Black females need to depend on ourselves to improve things for us. A Black female centered, controlled, and owned film industry seems just the ticket to start down that road. I wish you very good luck with this blog, and hopefully, this idea will catch on with sisters everywhere.

  2. Don't just make your own industry invest a put your stake in others.

  3. Anonymous said

    Gearing up to make anti-black man movies now, aren't you?

  4. What a great blog. Different and unique with much needed topics. If you have a moment, feel free to visit my blog:

  5. Anon the blog isn't about anti bm it's about pro bw images.

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